9 best French films of the last decade you absolutely should watch

9 best French films of the last decade you absolutely should watch

This is a list of neither new nor old French films from all genres that will give you a good look at the film industry...

This is a list of neither new nor old French films from all genres that will give you a good look at the film industry in France.

Le Petit Nicolas ('Little Nicholas' - 2009)


This is a French family-themed film that is very funny with the mischievous imagination of young children. Le Petit Nicolas (or ‘Little Nicolas’) has children character that are not so eccentric, unusual or sublime, but still interesting enough to captivate viewers.

Rust And Bone (2012)


There are many passions in this world, be it love, be it work or sport. But for some people, to live proudly is also a passion. The story of the film is about two people with completely contradictory life, and they are there to fill the gaps for each other: she gives him patience, he gives her health and feet.

Entre Les Murs (The Class - 2008)


The film is about a multi-racial classroom and a teacher who use French literature to guide the student. Quiet, honest and humorous, the film won the Palme d'Or.

The Artist (2011)


The Artist won an Oscar for Best Picture not only because it excelled in reproducing the black and white film line, but also thanks to it classic script that is charming, witty, with good climax and meaningful hidden details.

The Intouchables (2011)


This story about friendship conquered a lot of audiences and earned high revenue. It follows an aristocratic artist who is paralyzed. It is extremely hard to find someone to look after him. In the end, he chose a black guy who used to be a thug.

It didn't matter because their hearts were in tune. The old artist found in the young man the faith to start looking for happiness, while the black boy realized his unique abilities thanks to his boss. The film also has scenes that goes beyond the scope of a conventional comedy.

Polisse (2011)


This is one of the best French films about crime and police in recent years. But it is not an action movie - it belongs to the category of pseudo-documentaries. The film digs deep into the tragic story of children in the records of a child protection organization, showing us the unfortunate, tragic relationships that are still taking place around us.

Stranger by the Lake (2013)


This film's style of storytelling is so bold that it eliminates all stereotypes: from a story of desperate loners to naked-intense scenes, to a crime that does not have an answer.

Un prophète (‘A Prophet’ - 2009)


An Arab young man went to jail. From an ignorant person, he became an expert in drug preparation and transportation. A fascinating film with charismatic characters, great acting, beautiful and colorful scenes, interesting details, transforming music…

Amour (‘Love’ - 2012)


There are many stories of love, but none can beat a movie about an old couple. But this film is not all about love. Talented Austrian director Michael Haneke brought up the issues in the film that the audience needed to answer, and then revealed everything bit by bit so that the most exquisite details you would like to find are shown in this French film.