3 Things You Will Love About Ratched

3 Things You Will Love About Ratched

Nurse Ratched - The top famous female villain has a TV project of her own, attracting a lot of praise from fans of horror films.


Ratched is known as a terrifying villain in Ken Kesey's 1962 book Flying On The Cuckoo's Nest. Then in 1975, she appeared on the big screen in the adaptation of the same name, receiving a lot of praise from movie lovers for her scary visuals, along with her frightening bizarre actions. In the latest series of episodes called Ratched, the audience will be asked why this nurse is so cruel, and at the same time have the opportunity to witness her journey to become the bearer in Lucia Psychiatric Hospital.

Inspired by classic villains


In the original novel by writer Ken Kesey, the character of Nurse Ratched is reproduced in great detail and vividly through the narrative of Chief Bromden, who spent many years in the hospital where the female villain worked. These descriptions focus on her looks, her hauntingly cruel smile as well as her "weird" conflict and war with psychiatric patient Randle Patrick McMurphy.

Flying Over Cuckoo's Nest by Ken Kesey provides very little clues about Ratched's past before she arrives at the hospital. Just like the reader of the original novel, the patients here also wonder why this nurse behaves so strange, cold and cruel, but they never get an answer.

Louise Fletcher, an Oscar-winning actress for the role herself, once shared that she created a personality for her character. She describes Ratched as "a 40-year-old virgin who has a sexual obsession with patient McMurphy". In the newly released TV version, actress Sarah Paulson does not need to create a personal personality for Ratched like her senior. However, not so that this character is less attractive, especially when the film creates a very characteristic atmosphere.

Series of scenes, costumes are all great


Lucia is probably the most beautiful psychiatric hospital ever seen in movies. Every detail, every corner of this place is meticulously designed to the smallest detail. Abbot Hanover's large room always exudes elegance with a variety of shiny accessories or a luxurious whiskey bar. On the contrary, the patient's room and criminal's cell are always cramped, dark, creating a feeling of cramped and hidden dangers.

In addition, Ratched makes the most of the red and green colors, helping to express the sly, sinister and unpredictable part of the already extremely complex interior of the main character. Along with that, the sound is built in a slow tempo, boosting the suspenseful and mysterious atmosphere of the film circuit, while stimulating the audience's curiosity. The violent scenes are not much but they are done creatively and honestly, obsessively naked. The audience does not have to wait long to admire them with their own eyes. Because even in the first episodes, we have been treated to the horrible and "thorny" human experiments of Director Hanover.

The full incarnation from Sarah Paulson


So beautiful, but for a work where the character's name is placed on the title, the actor's incarnation must be the most important factor. Fortunately, Sarah Paulson is so well versed with horror through the American Horror Story series that a work with a similar color is difficult to beat her. And in this extra story, Flying On The Cuckoo's Nest, she has turned Ratched into her own brand, when appearing as a lady in splendid outfits, sometimes cunning, cunning and possibly easily ending anyone that makes her "itchy".

Plus, the bigger factor that earned Sarah Paulson praise is that she has completed the full development of the character. Mildred Ratched is constantly changing with each episode and her feelings get bigger and bigger each day. As a result, Ratched of 2020 is loving, not emotionless and "animalistic" as the movie version. However, the new approach to this iconic character has met with mixed opinions from many critics. Because, the nurse in the original novel and the 1975 movie is very different from Mildred's ending in the storming TV version.

So far, Ratched is still making a strong impression on the audience. With the plot potential as of now, the film still has at least one more season left, and audiences can fully wait for a more perfect ending when the project actually ends.

Ratched's season 1 consists of 8 episodes and has been airing since September 18, 2020.