6 series of blockbuster in September

6 series of blockbuster in September

September promises to explode with the appearance of a series of blockbuster flooding online platforms.

Until now, the movie theater situation around the world, is still stalled by the COVID-19 epidemic. This causes the "giants" of the movie segment to hit strongly on the TV or online projection segment to rebalance the revenue.

Raised by Wolves


Release date: September 3, 2020

Raised by Wolves is the top anticipated TV drama project in HBO Max this year. Veteran director Ridley Scott - the creator of Alien and Gladiator success is confirmed to direct the first two episodes of this fiction.

The film tells the mission to build a new civilization called Mother (Amanda Collin) in an alien planet. However, here, she will have to face countless dangers, it comes from strangers on that planet, and also comes from within her when Mother struggles between emotions, reason and power. the seemingly limitless strength he possesses.

Raised by Wolves debuted its first episode and began to receive rave reviews for its ravishingly beautiful footage, the cast's emotional performance, and the deep message of motherhood.

I'm Thinking of Ending Things


Release date: September 4, 2020

If you do not want to go to the cinema but still want to enjoy a brand new horror movie, I'm Thinking of Ending Things is a perfect choice. The latest work of director and screenwriter Charlie Kaufman promises to bring a distinctive and mesmerizing color similar to the one that made his name - Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

The most horror stories in the series will take place in a remote farm, where the unnamed heroine (Jessie Buckley) visits her loved one's family and is trapped there because of a snowstorm. Here, she begins to discover heavenly secrets about the boy's life, his family, and herself. In particular, the film also has the participation of the star Toni Collette - who makes a great horror Hereditary. As can be seen, she will continue to transform into a crazy and wild mother in this project.

The Boys (Season 2)


Release date: September 4, 2020

Perhaps, for fans of the superhero movie line, the name The Boys has become too familiar in recent times. The film's first season, which debuted on the Amazon Prime platform last July, has received countless accolades from fans and mass audiences for its unique, novels and extremely violent.

This rogue superhero group officially returns on September 4 with the first three episodes, and the progress is set to be a new episode each week and the series will end on October 9 this year. Currently, the film has received many early reviews from a small number of critics, and the 98% fresh figure proves its superior quality compared to its first season with 84%. This proved that producer Eric Kripke did not exaggerate at all when claiming: “The second season will be crazier, more weird, stronger, and more emotional. I hope you will love The Boys the way we love it ”.

The Devil Of All Time


Release date: September 16, 2020

With theaters in many places still closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Netflix seems to be making good use of this situation and continuously launching eye-catching projects. The Devil All the Time brings together a group of extremely qualified young actors, capable of conquering even the most demanding audience. No strangers, it's "Batman" Robert Pattinson, "Teen Spider" Tom Holland, "Winter Soldier" Sebastian Stan, "spooky clown Pennywise" Bill Skarsgård and many other impressive faces.

The work of director Antonio Campos is set in the 60s of the last century, in southern Ohio, West Virginia, with veterans deeply affected by the war.



Release date: September 18, 2020

The nurse in Flying On The Cuckoo Bird's Nest has long been one of the scariest villains ever to appear on the big screen. Now, she will be reborn through her own TV series called Ratched.

Accordingly, this project will take place 15 years before the original event of Flying On Cuc Cu Bird's Nest. At that time, Ratched was young, possessing a gentle and luxurious appearance, but deep inside, she was a psychopath, a demon who was always ready to destroy the souls and minds of others. This heavyweight role was played by Sarah Paulson from the American Horror Story series. Meanwhile, director Ryan Murphy also comes from the above series and both The Politician and Glee.

Enola Holmes


Release date: September 23, 2020

Enola Holmes is the story of the Holmes sister, based on the novel Enola Holmes Mysteries by Nancy Springer. The work revolves around the journey to find a mother suddenly disappeared on the same day Enola (Millie Bobby Brown) was 16 years old. However, with a young girl like Enola, nothing is easy at all, especially when her two genius brothers Mycroft (Sam Claflin) and Sherlock (Henry Cavill) return home to house arrest.

Enola Holmes promises to be an extremely interesting project. Through the trailer, the audience sees the heroine "break the fourth wall" (a term for the character in the movie to interact directly with the viewer) like Deadpool. Besides Stranger Things Millie star Bobby Brown, the film also stars "Superman" Henry Cavill and actor Sam Claflin from Love, Rosie.