5 weirdest reasons to cancel TV series

5 weirdest reasons to cancel  TV series

Many TV series were suddenly canceled even though they were winning, making fans surprised. Until now, it is not new fo...

Many TV series were suddenly canceled even though they were winning, making fans surprised. Until now, it is not new for the TV series to be canceled even though the writer has not fully shown the story. They often "die prematurely" due to the lack of views or quality or behind the scenes conflict. However, there are also many series that have been dropped even though they are doing really good.

Even Stevens is canceled because of Disney's "65-episode rule"


Disney is one of the largest media corporations with the highest revenue in the world. However, the company itself has many strange and confusing regulations. One of them is the 65-episode rule. This is the law that applies to Disney Channel dramas in the 1990s and early 2000s. No matter how profitable the series or how big a fan base is, it must end after 65 episodes.

The reason for this is to help the series fill 13 weeks with each episode airing on one day of the week. Many popular series have fallen victim to this law such as Lizzie McGuire and especially Even Stevens. That's so Raven is one of the rare exceptions. This rule was eventually dropped in 2005 when Kim Possible was scheduled for the new season despite 65 episodes.

Batman was destroyed because the producer accidentally destroyed the studio


The reason why Batman could not continue the fourth season is unique. Although only lasted for two years and three seasons, the series associated with the name Adam West produced 120 episodes and became a part of popular culture for the next 50 years. In the third season, Batman had a drop in views that caused ABC station to cancel.

However, the brand of Dark Knight still makes money with a huge amount of selling souvenirs. Therefore, many fans and advertising agencies quickly asked ABC to continue. The problem is, this station accidentally destroyed the studio to make room for another project. Faced with the cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars to rebuild, ABC had to pity to ignore this plan.

Sabrina was canceled because it could not attract new viewers for Netflix


Previously, Netflix used to be the "mecca" of those who love dramas when it comes to buying a package of famous series or saving projects that are canceled by other stations. But that was only before 2010. Now, Netflix has become the giant of the online movie industry and returned to "massacre" the series no matter how popular they are.

Although not directly reported, many reports indicate that Netflix is ​​not making a profit from series spanning three or four seasons. Its aim is to attract as many new subscribers as possible, and the older the movies, the less chance of it will be. Therefore, except for blockbusters like Stranger Things, Dark lasted only three seasons and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina was canceled at number two.

Young Justice was canceled because no one was buying toys


In fact, Young Justice is a successful series. Views are high, fans are well received and are often considered one of the prominent works of the DC Nation show on Cartoon Network. However, this is not the kind of "success" that the station wants.

Producer Greg Weisman confirmed that Young Justice was canceled due to lack of toy sales. Because the majority of moviegoers are women - people who never buy toys. Toy maker Mattel is a sponsor of Young Justice and they obviously aren't getting the desired returns. It doesn't matter how many viewers, if those people don't buy the product, the movie won't make money.

Robin Hood is destroyed because Robin Hood dies


The BBC's Robin Hood series isn't stellar, but still entertaining enough for Saturday night. The content of the film is not new but possesses a great cast, with the heroic image like stepping from the legend of Jonas Armstrong and Sheriff of Nottingham portrayed by Keith Allen.

The series also surprised viewers by killing one of the most important characters, Marian, in season two. However, trouble came when Jonas Armstrong decided to leave after the third season. Therefore, in the final episode, Robin Hood died with Sheriff Allen. The BBC is also planning a fourth season release. However, seeing a movie called Robin Hood … without Robin Hood, fans are not interested and the broadcast station has to cancel the plan.