Farewell to Cody Simpson, Miley Cyrus released new MV

Farewell to Cody Simpson, Miley Cyrus released new MV

On August 14, Miley Cyrus officially made her comeback with the MV "Midnight Sky". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=...

On August 14, Miley Cyrus officially made her comeback with the MV "Midnight Sky".


According to the Daily Mail, Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson officially broke up after 10 months together. However, not letting the breakup interrupt her music career, Miley Cyrus "turned pain into motivation" and released the impressive Midnight Sky MV, as a new declaration of love. Midnight Sky MV was directed by Miley Cyrus herself, all the scenes were taken at her house because the singer was still at home because of Covid-19 translation.


Midnight Sky is a disco with a reminder of the 70s80s dance floor, full of nostalgia but also a bit futuristic. The singing part of Miley Cyrus is subtly processed to ensure that the rustic, rough and impressive is hard to be mixed with. Following the trend of "renaissance" disco in 2020 of The Weeknd, Dua Lipa, Lady Gaga, … Miley Cyrus is not out of the general game but still has its own highlight by choosing a more traditional direction, not to for the mix is ​​too much interference by modern electronic musical instruments, but that has made its mark for Midnight Sky.


The lyrics of the song Midnight Sky are also bold, can be seen as the statements by Miley Cyrus after the broken love with Cody Simpson: "I was born to run, I don't belong to anyone, oh no/I don't need to be loved by you (By you)/Fire in my lungs, can't bite the devil on my tongue, oh no/I don't need to be loved by you".

True to Midnight Sky's slightly disco-oriented music, the MV directed by Miley Cyrus himself is also full of images of the 70s and 80s. She transformed into a female disco artist to evoke the image of the famous female artists of those decades such as Dolly Parton (Miley Cyrus's godmother and also a country music legend), Madonna, Cyndi Lauper or Diana Ross.


The scenes in the MV, although done at home, are also invested, creating a satisfying effect: Miley Cyrus in a state of almost nude being completely in the middle of a colorful chocolate candy floor, then the image of a craftsman. A luxurious singer stands in the middle of the stage filled with the light of a disco ball and giant stuffed animals, or when the singer stands in the middle of a mirror room full of hallucinations, … the "crazy" all of Miley Cyrus, but still retain the beauty, not being too excessive or too much like many previous products.