Selena Gomez's Career Review: No Longer Disney Princess?

Selena Gomez's Career Review: No Longer Disney Princess?

Selena Gomez is still one of the leading artists of the US-UK music industry. And most of all, the collaboration with B...

Selena Gomez is still one of the leading artists of the US-UK music industry. And most of all, the collaboration with BLACKPINK in Ice Cream brought many positive effects to her career.

For more than 10 years of singing, Selena Gomez has made a mark in the hearts of fans with a series of hit hits such as Hands to Myself, Same Old Love, We Don't Talk Anymore, … Although not a name attached with great achievements, Selena still gives herself a firm foothold in the world music industry. Despite her ups and downs in her career and continuous life, she has never lost herself.

With the combination with BLACKPINK in Ice Cream, Selena Gomez's career continues to have an impressive new lipstick. With a handshake to launch Ice Cream, both BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez bring their own huge benefits. In particular, with Selena Gomez, looking back on her career path over the past 10 years, it can be seen that Ice Cream is a "push" for the singer to really warm up her name, creating a premise for future products.

Selena Gomez, real name Selena Marie Gomez, was born on July 22, 1992 in Texas. She had a tough childhood when she was born into an unhappy family. But because of her passion for acting, her mother tried to do everything she could to fulfill that dream. Selena started her artistic career at just 7 years old with the TV series Barney & Friends. Thanks to this first role, it has helped a shy girl become stronger and more confident in her subsequent roles.


If you do not know, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus and Selena were all born in 1992, coming out of the Disney channel movies, dubbed the "Disney Princess" next generation after Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, … All three possess acting talent, good vocals and lovely looks.


If Miley caught the hearts of millions of viewers with her golden hair and attractive blue eyes in the hit drama Hannah Montana, Demi received attention for her role as Mitchie Torres in Camp Rock, then Selena made her mark after her role as Alex in the movie Wizards of Waverly Place.

Selena's acting career also went up and became a talented Disney star with a huge movie fortune that must be mentioned as Monte Carlo, Cinderella Story, Ramona and Beezus, … This film has become a solid launch pad for Selena's career up to the present time. The name Selena Gomez gained widespread popularity before she even debuted as a singer.

Like Miley and Demi, Selena also wants to expand her career into singing. After creating an image through many cult dramas, she formed a band called Selena Gomez & The Scene through an agreement with Hollywood Records. It can be said that Selena had a good start with music when her group had their own success with 3 albums Kiss & Tell (2009), A Year Without Rain (2010) and When The Sun Goes Down ( 2011).


In the early days when she first entered the music scene, Selena pursued a gentle, pure image with simple teen pop songs, pop dance songs, but still attracted a large number of teenage fans around the globe. However, at this time, Selena's music products, despite being quite catchy, still suffer a lot of words: the music lacks depth, the lyrics and melodies are too childish, the artistic personality is faint. , … Besides, the weaker voice than Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato is also a problem that has been discussed a lot.

Although faced with a lot of criticism from the early years of her singing career, Selena Gomez is always a person with a clear direction and right direction for herself. With the desire to develop a more independent image, after a while with the band, the female singer decided to separate the group and switch to solo activities in 2013. From here, Selena has gradually asserted her name through the hits Hands to Myself, Same Old Love, We Don't Talk Anymore, Bad Liar, Fetish ... Most of them received a lot of positive responses from the audience and continuously reached the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 charts. Her music is gradually maturing and bold. More personal experience, in particular, knew that singing was not a strong point, so Selena Gomez's choice of songs later became more sophisticated and intelligent. The recognition of both professionals and audiences is increasingly clear, it can be seen as a successful step of the female singer.

It can be seen that, in any music product, Selena is not shy about transforming with many powerful and equally attractive looks. But most of all, she has not once escaped the framework, no matter how "rebellious" she is, she still retains a bit of lightness. For many years, Selena has been working hard in the arts, her music career is only encapsulated in two words "stable" and gentle like the personality of a princess. However, these two words "stabilize" are both advantages and disadvantages that make Selena Gomez's career not have a breakthrough.


Most especially, in the midst of a Hollywood movie, she still retains every day's purity despite her more mature and thorny personality. While Miley Cyrus was constantly rebellious to the point that it made it difficult for many people to accept and return to orbit, Demi Lovato was stuck in a stimulant and "disappeared" on the music map, Selena Gomez was always "gentle". Of course, it is not out of "marketing" when it is often the name "called out" in parallel with the old love Justin Bieber, but in general it is still a rare calm in showbiz. It can be affirmed that, no matter how affected and changed, Selena Gomez has never lost herself.

On October 23, 2019, Selena Gomez's comeback with the soft pop ballad song Lose You To Love Me almost occupied all the spotlights of the European-American music scene. This is the song that marks Selena's return after more than a year of absence from the music industry. The opening single for the album Rare brings a positive message about "self-love", overcoming the breakdown in the past to look to the future. Lose You To Love Me is a series of interwoven black and white colors, ambiguous photo transition along with the image of a female singer talking to herself, making everyone admire her top beauty. of the star born in 1992. The song quickly reached # 1 Billboard Hot 100, being Selena Gomez's first product to reach this spot.

At that time, although Lose You To Love Me was still very hot, Disney Princess still decided to "release the chain" to add a vibrant MV called Look At Her Now the very next day. The music video strongly affirms Selena's "self-love" declaration. Not as deep and anxious as Lose You To Love Me, Look At Her Now owns a vibrant MV with feminist lyrics.

2 consecutive debut songs are seen as a strong resurgence of Selena Gomez after a series of days immersed in suffering for her ex, as well as a declaration of completely ending all fantasies about old love, opening to a new chapter in life.

By the beginning of 2020, the Rare album was officially shipped and quickly received a lot of positive responses from fans and professionals. Most of them said that they feel a remarkable maturity in each song that Selena performed. The whole album tells about the stumbles and difficulties that singer Bad Liar has experienced in the past. Since then, a strong vitality has emerged, a strong resurgence and always towards the future of the female singer.


It can be said, the more we listen to the Rare album, the more we want to discover more about life, past and present feelings expressed by her. Unexpectedly, Rare excelled at No.1 on the Billboard 200, helping Selena become one of the rare female artists who can "hit the top" of this chart for more than half a year. Pitchfork also gave Rare some encouraging points: 6.8 - an emphasis on Selena Gomez's increasingly creative music.

However, Lose You To Love Me's Billboard Hot 100 Champion is not enough to pull Selena Gomez's music career up. Obviously, Selena Gomez's music career still lacks a "knot", a explosive point that has not really come to her. This is a quite difficult problem for Selena Gomez and the team that for many years still has not had the most reasonable solution.

When Hollywood factors combined with Selena Gomez were almost "saturated", it is difficult to progress further, Selena Gomez's team and YG Entertainment have come to each other for a win-win collaboration. It can be seen that with the current world's No. 1 girl group - BLACKPINK - ekip and Selena Gomez are really trying to create a strong point for their career.


Formal PR plans, "huge" production crew and a colorful summer-style MV, dense promotions frequency during the Covid-19 epidemic, … all to prove the ambition to "get rid of cocoons" "by Selena Gomez in this music production. Although the debut song received mixed reactions, but the explosive media effectiveness on the global market that this collaboration brought is not bad at all! The Ice Cream partnership clearly shows "win-win". This is a product that partly helps the name of the vocalist Good For You expand and expand further in the Asian market. On the contrary, it also helped the YG group go a step further, expanding its coverage in the US market.

In the YouTube segment, BLACKPINK has emerged as a formidable force with countless "unprecedented" records that it is difficult for anyone to take the throne in Kpop in general and in the world of female artists in particular, so when MV Ice Cream Officially released, Selena Gomez will also benefit a lot in terms of reputation by bringing in a new audience.

The collaboration of the two is also expected to bring BLACKPINK high rankings on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. For Selena Gomez, this is not so important. Until now, BLACKPINK in the flag country market is in the "famous but not really good" scene when the highest position of this girl group on the Billboard Hot 100 chart is # 33, not low but not really high.

Even looking at how Selena Gomez enthusiastically promotes Ice Cream like this, many people believe that this is also a step in the plan, a premise for Selena Gomez's future projects. And as you can see, when BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez combine, good or bad, it has created a real "storm" on the world music.