Decoding Lady Gaga 911 Music Video

Decoding Lady Gaga 911 Music Video

Singer Lady Gaga has released MV 911 - the single in the sixth studio album Chromatica. Contrary to the eager anticipation, "monster mother" has a tough MV. Except for the music that rattles, no one understands what message the MV is about?

And thank goodness, after those days of confusion, fans can finally understand the MV in this way: everything is in Lady Gaga's mind when she has a car accident. There are no more profound metaphorical images, just how Gaga's brain processes information and images in a coma.

Opening the MV is the image of Lady Gaga lying in the white desert full of sunshine and wind. She lay next to the broken bicycle with the front wheel part pulled off. Her red pomegranates were also scattered all over the white sand. Lady Gaga dressed in red, pink, orange - represents blood color. It was in a coma. In fact, she actually had a car accident while she was cycling through an intersection.


Red pomegranates appeared next to Lady Gaga both in a coma and in real life. According to Greek mythology this is a symbol of temptation and death. Is the use of this image in the MV how Lady Gaga is trying to tell the audience about her own terrible experiences with being sexually assaulted. Also, if you look closely, you will notice that there are pomegranates that have been split in half. This could implicitly mean that the girl was in a state of half life and half death.

In addition, the red pomegranate is also a symbol of fertility, fertility and wealth in Armenian culture. As can be seen in the MV, Lady Gaga mentioned the country Armenia at the end of the MV. And there's a poster for The Color Of Pomegrenates, whose director is of Armenian descent.

Lady Gaga's personal eye wound in real life is represented by a red leg pendulum in a coma. When she woke up, back to reality, she also said that she couldn't feel her left leg.

Next was a scene she saw in the vast desert where a cowboy was suddenly riding a horse from afar. In fact, the same image also appeared in an advertisement titled "White Sands" on a large TV.

It is not clear whether "LG" is the abbreviation of Lady Gaga or this is the name of a famous Korean electronics company - is it the main sponsor of this MV? Or an arrow that hits 2 targets. In addition, the company's slogan is also "Life's Good": meaning that this life is still beautiful - a great motivation for people who are on the boundary between life and death as the main character in the MV.

At the beginning of the MV, Lady Gaga appeared in red, pink, and orange outfits and covered the upper half of her face with red cloth - a symbol of blood. That also means she is unconscious in reality. In addition, this detail also has many similarities with the firefighters present at the accident scene.

The man who continuously hit his knee in a coma, in real life was a car driver who was hit on the steering wheel leading to an injury. The red color of the pillow also represents the man's blood. At this point, everything gradually becomes clearer.


Two characters appearing in the village leading Lady Gaga in a coma throughout the MV are the medical staff and the real-life doctor who is saving her. Their outfit colors - black and white - also match in real life. In a coma, they fell from the sky with umbrellas. In fact, they arrived at the scene of the accident by helicopter. These two images are also strongly religious in color, as an implication: doctors and nurses are like gods who will cure sick people and take them back from the dead.

In real life, there is a group of people standing outside holding a selfie stick to livestream the car accident. In a coma, there was also a group of people dressed in blue clothes holding a similar stick. This is a reflection of the flip side of modern society: people who are indifferent to the pain of their fellow human beings.

In a coma, there is a woman in purple clothes holding the mummy. In fact, it was a woman crying bitterly and hugging her loved one who died in the accident. This image makes people haunted because it is very close to reality, making us sometimes confused: what is real, what is a dream?

Lady Gaga chose to describe the song "Keep my dolls inside diamond boxes" with the image of her hand holding a tiny doll that was placed in a box. Like in Valley Of The Dolls, "dolls" means pills. Previously, Lady Gaga also said this 911 MV talked about the problem of sedation treatment.

In the next scene, Lady Gaga changes into a green dress, her hand holds a white flower branch and is slowly flying to heaven (meaning death). However, the paramedics pulled her back to the ground with a lanyard in the injured ankle. And the doctor holds a mirror to her face, corresponding to the real-life flashlight used to test her response when she has an accident.

The man in a head-to-toe blue outfit in a coma is the policeman coordinating traffic in real life. In her Billboard magazine interview, Lady Gaga said we all need to respect the people who are always there for the community when we call 911.

It was followed by a picture of a procession. Lady Gaga followed behind the man in black and rode a black horse at the beginning of the MV. He carried a yellow New Mexico flag. The symbol on the flag means a healthy body, pure soul and devotion to the welfare of others. At the same time, on the white wall was a peacock perched. This is a symbol of death and rebirth.


Behind the doctor is a picture of a traffic accident corresponding to a real-life accident. And the fact that the doctor holding a snake in front of the red cross corresponds to the actual logo (Asclepius' stick is a symbol of medicine according to Greek mythology).

The last scene in the coma is the image of Lady Gaga crying. If you look closely, you will see the symbols of Chromatica on her forehead, because this is a single in this sixth studio album after all.

And after returning to reality, the medical staff asked if she was receiving any treatment. Lady Gaga in panic, replied: "I have no medicine". Recalling in early 2020, she shared with Oprah Winfrey that she could become abnormal if she lacked medicine. From there, it can be inferred that the girl in the MV, because she did not carry drugs, led to uncontrolled actions, she was the one who caused this terrible traffic accident.

In general, when the audience watched the 911 MV for the first time, no one could understand the meaning of this product because Gaga incorporated too many iconic images and metaphors, making the first experience of the audience. will be "overwhelmed". However, when time passes, audiences who review the above product over and over again find that in the end things are not as complicated as we think. After Stupid Love and Rain On Me is quite simple, this is the real Gaga that fans "worship" for a long time: difference, personality and explosion.