Kylie Jenner Was Stopped And Called A "Monster" By The Crowd

Kylie Jenner Was Stopped And Called A "Monster" By The Crowd
Source: Kylie-Jenner-Was-Stopped-And-Called-A-Monster-By-The-Crowd

Kylie Jenner has been criticized and condemned by the animal protection association.

Page TMZ reported that on the evening of December 19, Kylie Jenner appeared with a few friends at a store specializing in fur products. However, a group of people belonging to the animal protection society were here to protest and wait outside. They brought speakers, slogans, and shouted Kylie's name with criticism.


The TMZ page said that this group of people blocked the Rolls-Royce with the intention of not letting the Hollywood IT Girl leave. Thanks to the bodyguard, Kylie got inside the car and escaped the siege.


TMZ added that this is not the first time that the Kardashian / Jenner girl has been fiercely criticized for her hobby of using fur. The photo Kylie shared on social media when wearing the Saks Potts fashion house fox coat with her best friend Stassie had many condemnations. However, despite the fierce "stoned" times, Kylie still has no intention of stopping the purchase and use of fur.