5 colab songs by female artists in 2020

5 colab songs by female artists in 2020

Although 2020 has not reached the end of the road, fans have been enjoying the 5 best combinations of female artists....

Although 2020 has not reached the end of the road, fans have been enjoying the 5 best combinations of female artists.

In 2020, the world is suffering from the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic. The music industry is not more or less affected by the epidemic. Therefore, the artists' plans to perform or release MVs are also affected. In addition, many female artists still prove their strength when releasing songs that have captured the hearts of many fans. Up to now, there are 5 performances by female artists that have left their mark on the international music lovers community by 2020.

Rain On Me - Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande


2020 Summer would probably be much more tedious without Rain On Me - duet by Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande. When Lady Gaga revealed that she would collaborate with Ariana Grande on her new album Chromatica, the fans were 'standing still' because these are the two 'hottest' names in the music industry today.

And without disappointing fans, Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande delivered a dance-pop song with a vibrant house and disco sound. Chromatica's exclusive producer, BloodPop, sent the trending 90s music to Rain On Me, leaving the track a bit nostalgic but still very modern - because this year, the disco wave is returning. and bombardment.

Rain On Me took first place on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Along with the creative and eye-catching visuals, MV Rain On Me also won many important MTV VMAs nominations, including Video of the Year. Let's wait and see if Rain On Me will make a miracle at this year's VMAs awards ceremony.

Say So (Remix) - Doja Cat & Nicki Minaj


This spring, Doja Cat emerged in the music industry with her ability to both rap and sing skillfully. She is predicted to be one of the factors that inherit the 'female lead' position in popular music. Speaking of Doja Cat, it's impossible not to mention the hit Say So.

To increase the heat for this song, Doja Cat invited senior Nicki Minaj to contribute to the remix. A miracle appeared when Say So (Remix) helped Nicki Minaj and Doja Cat have the first No.1 in a singing career.

The track was produced by Dr. Luke - a notorious character in the Kesha singer abuse case. Continuing to use the trendy disco music material of 2020, Say So is considered a typical hit with the familiar formulas of Dr. Luke. Therefore, fans have to admit that: despite having a scandalous private life, Dr. Luke is still extremely 'cool' at producing music. In addition, Say So's success is partly due to the viral dance on Tik Tok.

Savage (Remix) - Megan Thee Stallion & Beyonce


Once a rival of Say So (Remix) when released the same week, Savage (Remix) has 'ousted' the opponent to take the top spot of the Billboard Hot 100. In fact, Savage also has a path to flowers. Pink is similar to Say So because all thanks to the inspired dance that spreads on social network Tik Tok.

Megan Thee Stallion was previously appreciated by professionals for her ability to rap shot in a row. However, in the remix version, Beyonce's rap is praised for taking Savage to a new level. Savage (Remix) has been praised by many prestigious music newspapers and considered this one of the best songs of 2020.

As of July 2020, the song has sold 2.1 million copies in the North American market.

WAP - Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion

Having been silent for a long time in the music industry, Cardi B made 'Megan Thee Stallion' return to the 'hot' song called WAP. This is the opening single for Cardi B's 2nd studio album.

WAP is a 'pure rap' song where Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion show off their skills, in words that make listeners 'blush'. WAP is seen as a message to help women become more autonomous, strong and powerful.

This single was also noticed by carefully invested MV, in which Cardi B invited many famous female artists to play cameo roles such as Kylie Jenner, Normani, Rosalia. Recently, the New York Post also ranked WAP at number one in the list of best female artist duet songs in 2020.

Levitating (The Blessed Madonna Remix) - Dua Lipa & feat. Madonna, Missy Elliott

In 2020, Dua Lipa continuously 'entertained' fans with a series of big hits such as Don't Start Now, Physical, Break My Htlleart. With careful investment, diligent research to renew the disco music in the Future Nostalgia album, Dua Lipa has proved that she deserves the Best New Artist award at the Grammy.

After winning, Dua Lipa went on to do a remix version of the Future Nostalgia album, with the opening single being Levitating. Dua Lipa has 'ruined' seniors Madonna and Missy Elliott to contribute voices on Project Levitating (Remix), and entrusted DJ The Blessed Madonna with mixing. The electro house and future bass sounds are cleverly combined, making Levitating (Remix) more catchy.

Dua Lipa shared that she was afraid that both Madonna and Missy Elliott would not agree to participate, but fortunately, both veteran artists nodded and expressed interest in the song. Many music experts think this remix helped Dua Lipa has proven her 'star level' in the contemporary context.