Just recently, Sparks Fly – one of Taylor Swift‘s most popular songs in her 3rd studio album ‘Speak Now’, has suddenly disappeared from YouTube for some unclear reasons.


It is known that the music video is a series of memorable moments of the female artist and her fans captured during her promotional tour in 2007. After its release, the song was quickly debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart and received countless responses from fans everywhere. And now, after more than 9 years of release, the MV has “disappeared” for unknown reasons. What’s going on?

The MV is nowhere to be found.

Although there have been no correct explanations from Taylor Swift about the incident, the Swifties community has quickly “hunted” a few convincing clues. And of course, the artist’s “sworn enemy” – Scooter Braun, was quickly put on suspicion.


Because the ownership of Taylor’s six albums has fallen into Scooter’s hands after a successful exchange between him and Big Machine Record company, the fan community said that he had made his revenge by wiping away one of the products that both Taylor Swift and her fans love: Sparks Fly. It is known that Scooter also previously changed the genre of the album ‘Fearless’ from Country music to Pop and adjusted the style of the album ‘Reputation’ . Because of this reality, Scooter Braun is the most suspicious “culprit” behind the disappearance of Sparks Fly.

Scooter also previously changed the genre of the album Fearless from Country music to Pop.

On the other hand, according to some fans who have “investigated”, the MV Sparks Fly has not been deleted from the YouTube platform, but the product is only being put under private mode. Immediately, a number of conspiracy theories were produced. Many fans believe that this action has been quietly done by Taylor Swift in preparation for an unexpected comeback. In addition, some fans even spread rumors that a new MV will be created for Sparks Fly.

The MV is being put under private mode.

Reportedly, in mid-August 2019, the female artist confirmed that she will re-record all 6 of her albums and this project will be completed within 2020. With her songs being recreated, will the music videos that follow will also be “reproduced” by Taylor Swift?


So far, there has been no official response from either Taylor Swift or Scooter Braun. Is it going to be a comeback with a series of new music videos, or is it just Scooter’s move to take revenge on the singer?