The presence of the hot female billionaire Kylie Jenner in the new MV of Cardi B is stiring people up, even though it’s only for 15 seconds.


Recently, female rapper, cardi B has released the MV “WAP” featuring Megan Thee Stallion. The MV with many sensitive and bold scenes immediately attracted the attention of a large audience. Notably, the presence of Kylie Jenner with the show that the body “burned the eyes” made viewers unable to take their eyes off.


Kylie appeared in a leopard print outfit with bold lines showing off her envious hourglass body. The seamless outfit has a deep cutout that makes her bust look more outstanding in the frame. The visual and body of a mother of one child were praised by the audience. However, this hot- display is still not shocked with the image from behind the beauty. In the scene behind the back, Kylie’s shocked audience in her two long sleeves pants that touched the ground. Jenner’s sexy beauty completely conquered the audience with her seductive beauty and hot body in this MV.


Photos taken in real life of Kylie clothes help the audience clearly see the daring and fiery hourglass body of this beauty.


Cardi B also came to the house and visited Kylie and her daughter.