The period between 1990 – 2000 was considered as the golden age for boybands all around the world. Let’s check out the top 10 super hit songs of famous boybands that have been an irreplaceable part of anyone who loves music of this period.

“Bye bye bye” – NSYNC (2000)

“Bye Bye Bye” was a song of American boyband NSYNC – one of the most popular boybands in the world, belonged in their second album called No Strings Attached (2000). The song was a huge success in the commercial field, topped at every music chart in Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

“Yellow” – Coldplay (2000)

Since the time it was released, “Yellow” of Coldplay has received a rain of compliments by the critics and the audience. “Yellow” ranked as No.1 in Iceland, No.5 in Australia, No.9 in Ireland and No.48 in the US.

“This love” – Maroon 5 (2004)

“This Love” was in the first album of American boyband Maroon 5, Songs About Jane (2002). After releasing, “This Love” received a wave of positive reactions from the music critics, for both the catchy melody and its making process.

Burnin’ Up – Jonas Brothers (2008)

“Burnin’ Up” is the first single from the album “A Little Bit Longer” by the boyband Jonas Brothers. This is a super hit of Jonas Brothers which ranked as #5 in the US Billboard Hot 100. Jonas Brothers have become the ultimate crush of many teenage girls when they first appear on Disney channel.

“What Makes You Beautiful” – One Direction

“What Makes You Beautiful” released as a single of the British boyband One Direction and quickly sold with more than 4.8 million albums, according to the report in 2016.

“It’s Time” – Imagine Dragons

“It’s Time” was written by the American alternative rock Imagine Dragons. This was that song to bring a flying color success with an honorable achievement at #15 on the Billboard Hot 100.

“Youngblood” – 5 Seconds of Summer

“Youngblood” released in 2018 by 5 Seconds of Summer. Since the released day, the song was a success with the confirmation as Silver Disk in Australia and New Zealand. This has become the greatest hit of 5 Seconds to Summer.

“Reggaetón Lento” – CNCO

“Reggaetón Lento (Bailemos)” was a song Latin boyband CNCO. The song released in October 7, 2016, in the third single of their first album, Primera Cita (2016). The music video had more than 1,5 billion views on Youtube, counted to April 2019. This song was considered as the biggest single of the boyband.

“Boyfriend” – Big Time Rush

“Boyfriend” was a song by the pop boyband from the first album called BTR (2010). Although the song had controversial feedbacks, “Boyfriend” still gained such success in Austria, Germany, Mexico, Belgium and the UK.

“Glad You Came” – The Wanted

“Glad You Came” was a song of boyband The Wanted and the second single in their second album, Battleground. The song released on July 10, 2011. This was considered as the most successful song of the band before their disbandment in 2014.