Years after the Twilight franchise ended, a new part titled Midnight Sun will return. Is there a possibility we’ll see Edward – Bella again?

After years of fan-waiting, the popular Twilight franchise is finally released, titled Midnight Sun and is a book written by author Stephenie Meyer. The entire content of the Midnight Sun will revolve around the events in the Twilight storyline, but is told from the perspective of the male lead Edward Cullen.


In essence, this book has been written by author Stephenie for a long time but could not be completed. When filming the movie Twilight, she read it to director Catherine Hardwicke and actor Robert Pattinson to learn more about Edward’s thoughts and thoughts. It was only in August of this year that Midnight Sun was actually completed and released according to the wishes of many fans.

In a recent interview with ET Online, director Catherine Hardwicke shared about the possibility of continuing to transform Midnight Sun into a movie. According to her, this will be a very difficult task. Because the Twilight series has become one of the largest film brands in the world, creating names for stellar actors Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner, helping them become one of the most “swordfish” actors. The first film – Twilight – was made with a budget of only 37 million dollars but collected to the producer 400 million dollars in 2008.


The biggest reason that director Catherine pointed out that it was difficult to transform Midnight Sun into a movie is the main cast. Now, Robert Pattinson has become Batman and Kristen Stewart is also very busy on many new projects. Not only that, Kristen Stewart has also suffered a lot of negative reviews related to her acting during her Twilight film series. In addition, Robert Pattinson also shared publicly about how much he hates Twilight.

Therefore, the possibility that we will see Edward – Bella couple returning to the big screen every day is very rare. However, director Catherine also shared that the production of the movie version of Midnight Sun would be a very interesting project in case it got “green light”.


If Midnight Sun really succeeds and scores in the hearts of fans, surely studios will not hesitate to consider making a movie version. Anyway, Twilight brand is still a golden chicken laying eggs with great ability to collect silver. With the trend of “reviving” classic names like Star Wars, Avatar … as today, the possibility of the Twilight universe being “revived” is entirely possible – but probably will no longer have the presence of the orchestra. old actor. This is both a problem and an opportunity for producers to introduce new faces, following the success of the series.