The first international review of the blockbuster TENET

The first international review of the blockbuster TENET

Although not officially released, the massive blockbuster Tenet has been criticized by foreign newspapers. The artic...

Although not officially released, the massive blockbuster Tenet has been criticized by foreign newspapers.

The article may reveal part of the movie's content, consider before reading!


Considered the movie with the highest investment this year - 225 million dollars, Tenet is a long-awaited work by movie fans around the world. With the endorsement of Christopher Nolan and a strong cast including Robert Pattinson and John David Washington, everyone has a strong belief that Tenet will bring back great achievements at the box office.

Contrary to the expectation this will be a project that will make things and go into people's hearts in the midst of a movie season withered by translation, it seems things are going astray. Some international reporters, after being previewed by Tenet, had the first review of the film, in general, this work was not popular with critics. Specifically, the prestigious The Guardian site only gave Tenet 2/5 stars - a terrifyingly low number with the caliber of Christopher Nolan. At the same time, the IndieWire site dedicated the C-rated movie - it hurts.


Tenet's board size from the start sounds terrible. The male lead (played by John David Washington) is an agent for an underground organization, assigned to the ultimate mission - even more so than World War III. Specifically, the future will attack reality with the bullets are "inverse". Within the first 30 minutes of the film, this protagonist went to Kiev (the capital of Ukraine), then to Mumbai to meet agent Robert Pattinson, then to London to eat with Michael Caine. Next, viewers were taken to Oslo to watch the plane explode and then move on again. The IndieWire site humorously commented that "If the characters do not get plane sick, the viewers will be soon."

The haste of the opening not only makes it difficult for viewers to catch up, but also makes questions pile up. Who are the people on the screen? Why are they moving so fast? Why is the main character named The Protagonist? Most importantly, why are those bullets flying back? Is there any further motive, or deeper message, or is this just an attempt by Nolan to reverse the time to revive an idea that should have died more than a decade ago? Tenet is a disappointment if the old products show director Nolan's remarkable creativity. The Guardian site likens Tenet to a number of Palindromic elements - readable forwards or backwards, and it is possible that the viewer will see a scene twice. Unfortunately, all of the film's "inverse" principles come and go quickly and leave no concept in mind - something Inception or Interstellar has done so successfully.

It seems that with Tenet, director Nolan is going back to 2000 with his movie Memento - and it looks like his career is going the same way. This time, however, he has more money on hand and the main character, instead of being a victim of events, is a master of the flow of time.

The plus point of Tenet is the possession of epic scenes - it is indispensable when looking at the budget of the film as well as the vision of director Nolan in building films that are beyond imagination. However, that is not enough for Tenet to become a classic or make others want to watch it over and over again. The film "deliberately proved dangerous" to the point of backfire and in the end, viewers only feel more tired before entering the theater.

The participation of actors in the film is also not appreciated. Actor Washington, who is famous for his charismatic acting, was commented "as if he was being blocked", unable to show his ability. Meanwhile, Pattinson seems to be left out and leaves no impression on viewers. In a time when the audience is still hesitant to go to the crowded cinema to watch the movie, it seemed that Tenet would be the lifesaver but given the current situation, nothing seems to change. Christopher Nolan's famed follow-up is struggling in the shadow of old movies he has made, not catastrophic - especially for $ 225 million but not smart enough to escape and stand out. At the moment, Tenet is being scored 79% by critics on the Rotten Tomatoes.