Some of Tenet‘s violent scenes are considered unsuitable for young audiences in the UK.


According to the latest information from the UK Film Classification Committee (BBFC), the blockbuster director Christopher Nolan Tenet has just undergone a “minor surgery” before officially debuting at the end of this August. Specifically, some scenes were cut to make Tenet suitable for 12A – that is, children can watch if they are accompanied by an adult.

With a budget of up to 225 million dollars – more than names like Inception or Interstellar, Tenet is the most heavily invested blockbuster coming to theaters this year. The film possesses content “brain hacking” no less than the previous works of director Christopher Nolan, is described as related to the “time reversing” art.


Up to now, very little has been announced about Tenet’s contents, including the names of the characters in the movie. However, the film will certainly feature a lot of action, violence and violence and heavy wording. It is known that scenes cut from the film involve a female character being beaten by a man – this image is considered sensitive in the present time. In total, 9 seconds of the movie will be cut off.

If these scenes are kept, Tenet will be ranked 15 by BBFC, which means the movie is only for people aged 15 and over, children under this age will not be allowed to watch. This audience limitation will greatly affect the success of the film, especially in a time when the COVID-19 epidemic rages, audiences are also more afraid to go to theaters than ever before. Director Nolan also strives to have all of his films ranked at 12A.