On August 23, Warner Bros. released a trailer of Justice League Snyder‘s Cut, scheduled to release on the HBO Max platform next year.


The two-minute video contains new footage, which is not included in the 2017 film, on the background of the song Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen). The film is scheduled to last for four hours and is divided equally into four parts, each will be one-hour long.

The trailer revolves around the main characters in the Justice League, bringing together DC’s superheroes (similar to the Avengers team in the Marvel universe). Notably superhero Superman appears in a black suit with a silver “S” logo.


According to Inverse, Superman first wore the suit in the 1993 comic book volumes. In the comics, the superhero was killed by Doomsday. After being revived, he changed into a black “Heal” suit because he had not returned to his strongest state. The armor helps Superman easily absorb solar energy, speeding recovery.


The trailer also reveals that Darkseid will be the main villain fighting the Justice League. The character is the leader of Steppenwolf, the villain in the 2017 version. According to the storyline, Darkseid is an enemy of Superman and belongs to the group of the strongest enemies in the DC superhero universe.


Page IGN used to rank the character number six in the list “The most popular evil in American comics”.

Some DC fans believe that the movie Justice League is of poor quality due to the decision of Warner Bros. to change the original direction of Zack Snyder – the director they loved with Man of Steel (2013) and Batman v Superman (2016). According to them, the filmmaker’s version will be darker and more intense than the 2017 theatrical release.