A picture of Eleven in the movie Stranger Things season 4 played by the child actress Millie Bobby Brown is making fans eagerly waiting when the film comes out.


Currently, part 4 of Netflix’s best-selling series: Stranger Things is still a long way from being officially released. However, that still cannot prevent the passionate fans of this series from learning new information as well as promising details that will appear in the new season.

As one of the most famous and successful names for Netflix, it was Stranger Things that brought countless new users to this online TV channel, which is why the developments in the sequel have always been eagerly waiting for by fans.


Although the series has received great reception from fans, the production process is still quite slow and fans have to wait a whole year to enjoy only 8 episodes. Currently, there is no official release schedule for season 4, but from the beginning of the year, the film has posted an official trailer, and then a behind-the-scenes video, aiming to tease fans around the world.

Recently, a brand new picture was also revealed, making fans all over the world eagerly looking forward. The photo captures the extremely scared moment of Eleven, played by child actress Millie Bobby Brown. She was covered by the hand of a monster, predicted to be the Mind Flayer, over her mouth.


According to some sources, earlier this year, the crew made the first 2 episodes. Filming was slated to be completed in August, however, due to a strong outbreak of the epidemic, all production was delayed.

Coming in early September, when the ban on social isolation in the US becomes less strict, the recording process will continue. It is known that there will be a few brand new faces in the cast.

If everything goes according to plan, it’s expected that season 4 of the Stranger Things series will return to the small screen by the end of 2021.