5 Hollywood screen-shattering explosions to make the audience 'dumbfounded'

5 Hollywood screen-shattering explosions to make the audience 'dumbfounded'

Hollywood cinema has produced many tragic explosions that are no less than the events of Chernobyl or Lebanon. H...

Hollywood cinema has produced many tragic explosions that are no less than the events of Chernobyl or Lebanon.


Hollywood cinema always knows how to make viewers "hold their breath" when cleverly using techniques to create catastrophic explosions. Catastrophic film projects succeed by beating into people's fear of macro-accidents. On the other hand, these unfortunate incidents can happen in real life, like the Chernobyl nuclear accident in 1986 or most recently the terrible explosion in Lebanon. No matter what the motive, the nature or the personal foe, the following Hollywood infamous explosions scenes have successfully aroused fear and grief in the hearts of every person when watching.

The explosion that killed King T'Chaka - Captain America: Civil War (2016)


Even a cinematic universe aimed at young audiences like Marvel also contains many heartbreaking tragedies. In the 2016 Captain America: Civil War production, a terrorist incident happened that took the life of a very important character. Although the scale was not large, the incident made everyone present at that time panic. Specifically, the second part of the Captain America series focuses on the Avengers' internal conflict over the signing of the Sokovia Agreement. The group has divided into two opposing views, the Iron Man side (Robert Downey Jr.) agrees to let the government monitor the activities of superheroes, and the Captain America (Chris Evans) side does not.

The fierce contraction between the two front lines did not prevent the signing ceremony of the Agreement from taking place. The event held in Vienna featured a number of key names, including Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and father and son T'Chaka (John Kani) - T'Challa (Chadwick Boseman) from Wakanda. While King T'Chaka was giving his speech, a terrorist incident broke out, causing the entire auditorium to be engulfed in flames. This tragedy killed T'Chaka, making the son cry out of tears. T'Challa later discovers that the person behind the blast is Winter Soldier Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan), and so the Marvel Civil War begins to intensify.

Yellowstone National Park burns - 2012 (2009)


Up to now, no catastrophic blockbuster has surpassed 2012 in terms of severity, reality and current events. The film is produced based on the legend of the end of the world that Earth will come to an end on December 21, 2012 according to the Mayan calendar. Roland Emmerich's cinematic work focuses on a family of four and their efforts in finding a safe place when tragedy strikes. While escaping from a disaster devouring California, the main character Jackson Curtis (John Cusack) met Charlie (Woody Harrelson) - who holds the world map in hand. Before leaving, both Charlie and Jackson together witnessed the Yellowstone pan erupting, creating a roaring explosion that swept everything along the way.

The relentless earthquakes have triggered the dormant crater, creating the inevitable "rain" of lava. Fortunately, "male aura" helped Jackson escape and arrived in time for the plane to take off. However, not everyone is as fortunate as the Curtis family. Even the US President and billions of people around the globe have been wiped out by a series of natural disasters.

Building a skyscraper - The Tower (2012)


If you want to find a tragic movie title but still delve deeply into social and human issues, The Tower of Korea completely meets the criteria. The film has the participation of many famous stars such as Son Ye Jin, Kim Sang Kyung, Sol Kyung Gu, … set in the context of a Christmas party held at a newly built skyscraper. While everyone was enjoying the year-end ceremony atmosphere, a series of consecutive incidents occurred that made everyone scream. To stir up the party atmosphere, the building owner hired a helicopter to fly around and drop snow. However, strong winds pushed a crash into the glass bridge across the middle. Another was blown into the building and exploded in an instant. A series of accidents arose that turned the Tower Sky into a giant torch.

The Heavy Bomb - The Wolverine (2013)

Right from the very first moments of The Wolverine (2013), the audience was silent when the film recreated the atomic bomb explosion in the city of Nagasaki, Japan. This is actually a real event that happened in 1945 when not only Nagasaki but also Hiroshima was attacked by heavy bombs. The project of the X-Men universe has taken advantage of that context to make the background for the process of the main character Logan (Hugh Jackman).

At the moment, Logan is being held at the POW camp as part of an experiment. However, he escaped afterward and watched every inch of earth be burned in a giant fireball. An officer named Yashida was planning to kill himself because he thought he would not escape, but Logan stopped him. Both Yashida and Logan used all their might to run to the bunker, out of the wrath of the explosion. The lucky officer arrived, but the talented X-Men could not make it in time. Therefore, Logan used his body to block the door and protect Yashida from nuclear radiation. This action has helped reinforce the belief that Wolverine's true mutant ability is to self-heal as "immortal".

Exploding nuclear furnace - Chernobyl (2019)


Chernobyl is a hugely successful short series of HBO due to being built on a series of horrifying events that happened in Ukraine in 1986. With a story as rich in history and thriller as the movie blockbuster, Chernobyl brought 19 Emmy nominations and 2 prestigious Golden Globes.

In episode 5, the audience can partly discover the cause of the terrible nuclear accident in history. At the trial taking place in Chernobyl, Valery Legasov (Jared Harris) presented that the carelessness and impulsiveness of chief engineer Anatoly Dyatlov (Paul Ritter) is one of the main causes. In addition, the AZ5 self-shutdown button system has a fatal flaw that causes the thermal reactions inside the No. 4 furnace to be pushed beyond the permitted level. Finally, at 1:23 a.m. and 45 seconds, the entire Chernobyl nuclear plant exploded, immersing the area in radioactive material. The Chernobyl catastrophe remains by far one of the most devastating explosions ever recorded. Consequences such as radioactive dust and pollutants have spread to other regions such as the UK and the US, severely affected people and even died. Controversy remains so far but HBO's Chernobyl has provided viewers with a relatively accurate and complete experience of the horrifying event 34 years ago.