British expat Miriam Margolyes has cleared the air following her controversial remarks about Australia.

The Harry Potter star, 79, recently came under fire for describing her adopted home country as “brutal” and “greedy” ahead of the release of her ABC documentary series Almost Australian.


During an interview on Today Extra on Monday, Miriam clarified that she wasn’t referring to all Australians when she made the divisive comments.

I was quoted [by the media] as saying,” “I think Australia is greedy and brutal.” Well, that’s just not what I said,” Miriam told host David Campbell.

She went on to complain that the tall buildings in Surfers Paradise, on Queensland’s Gold Coast, are so tall they block out the sun. “That, to me, is horrible and not what Australia should be like,” Miriam said.


However, Miriam insisted there were plenty of “glorious” places Down Under and that she was willing to learn more about the country.

She then issued a warning to those who have been offended by her comments. “People get very antsy, very quickly,” she said. “I’m not going to change! I’m not going to keep my mouth shut. Because that’s not what who I am!

Later declared in an interview with The New Daily that she wouldn’t be making any apologies for her remarks.


I hope people will not be too annoyed about the things I have to say, but in the end, to be honest, f**k ’em if they are. That’s tough. I’m telling it like I see it,” she said.

The BAFTA-winning actress, who lives in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, became a citizen in January 2013 after years of dividing her time between London and Australia.