19 years after the Harry Potter global fever

19 years after the Harry Potter global fever

Few people expect 19 years have passed since the day Harry Potter came to the world audience. The child actors are now around the age of 30 with many major changes in appearance and career.


It has been 19 years since Harry Potter - a world cinema monument first debuted with the first film titled Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. The film quickly received great success, becoming one of the most expensive brands and opening up the world of top wizards and wizards. The final film titled Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 officially launched in 2011, closing 10 years of accompanying audiences.

With the movie brand as a solid stepping stone, many child actors have suddenly become Hollywood's A-list stars. However, the larger the role, the louder the shadow must pass. While there are people who "escape" successfully, some familiar faces still struggle to be recognized by talent and capacity. It's been almost a decade since the movie ended, what are the cast members doing today?

Daniel Radcliffe


Once with the role of Harry Potter, the boy Daniel Radcliffe was born in 1989, enjoying the glory at just 12 years old. 10 years with Harry Potter is 10 years the audience becomes attached to the actor, witnessing his maturity from face, voice to thought.

After the end of Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe was ready to rush into other movie projects to prove his ability not to stop at waving his wand. Some of his notable movie projects include The Woman in Black, Kill Your Darlings and Now You See Me 2. He has been certified by professionals and audiences, but his name is still unable. Overcoming the daily shadow of the boy with the lightning scar.

Currently, Daniel Radcliffe is still happy with the love story with female star Erin Darke since meeting her on the set of Kill Your Darlings in 2013.

Emma Watson


It can be said that Emma Watson is the face with the most successful success after Harry Potter. Hermione seems to portray the actress in real life: intelligent, beautiful, and talented.

Emma Watson worked hard in famous movie projects such as The Perks of Being a Wallflower, The Bling Ring, Noah … 2017 marked the peak moment in her career when the actress was "chosen by Disney" for the role of Belle of blockbuster Beauty and the Beast live-action version. The film achieved success in all aspects and earned her many prestigious nominations and awards.

In 2019, the beautiful pink ball also plays in Little Women - the bombardment of awards big and small, including Oscar. The work also brought Emma Watson a lot of praise, helping her remove the title of "bad acting" that many people coined.

In addition to a film career, Emma Watson is also very diligent in participating in activities related to gender equality and the struggle for women's rights.

Rupert Grint


Like his co-stars, actor Rupert Grint is thrown into post-Harry Potter film projects. However, his film fortune is modest compared to Daniel Radcliffe or Emma Watson.

A few notable TV projects with his name are BBC's The ABC Murders of 2018 and the latest is the Servant series of the AppleTV + television system. In the movie Servant, he also plays the role of the main producer.

The actor has been in a relationship with British actress Georgia Groome since 2011. Last May, the couple happily welcomed their first daughter.

Tom Felton


Everyone who watches Harry Potter is also interested in the character of Draco Malfoy - the mean Slytherin boy who always bullies Harry. Along with the "immortal trio" above, Drace Malfoy is a character associated with the Harry Potter brand and is equally loved.

The handsome Tom Felton now looks older every day. He is busy with many film and television projects, most notably his role in season 3 of the popular DC series The Flash.

From 2008 to 2016, he had a loving relationship with stunt actress Jade Olivia Gordon. The actress also played Malfoy's wife in the final installment of the Harry Potter series.

Matthew Lewis


Many people who remember Matthew Lewis for the role of ignorant Neville Longbottom were shocked when the actor appeared in the press years after the franchise ended with a seductive look that cut off the main cast. Since then, he also received more attention from the public.

Since 2011, the actor has also participated in several major movie projects, namely Me Before You with "dragon mother" Emilia Clarke, or the movie Terminal next to Margot Robbie. In addition, he also appeared in many UK dramas. In 2018, he also made female fans regret when announcing that he was married.



The role of Dark Lord Voldemort has become classic with the ugly nose shape and pale skin like a cream. Despite being famous, this shape also makes people unable to recognize that this is the talented actor Ralph Fiennes.

The great film career of this uncle can include Skyfall, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Specter, … In particular, two classic films Schindler's List and The English Patient also earned him 2 Oscar nominations. If it weren't for the COVID-19 translation, we would have met Voldemort again this year in two blockbusters, The King's Man and the next Bond movie No Time To Die.