If asking about who is the most friendly Hollywood star with K-Pop idols, no one could beat Ariana Grande on this category.


One of the idols considered to have a close relationship with Ariana Grande is CL (former 2NE1 member). It has been a long time that CL has not had any outstanding music activities, but not because of that, CL’s position in the music industry has decreased.


Besides, CL is also a female artist with a close relationship with many European and American stars such as Rihanna, Justin Bieber, … due to her activities in the US.

Jungkook (BTS)

Ariana Grande’s concert on May 8, 2019 was also the first place where she and BTS member Jungkook had the opportunity to meet privately and chat with each other. Ariana shared her feelings towards Jungkook: “It’s really great, he’s sweet, handsome and perfect too”.



Ariana Grande has suddenly caused a global storm when she shared a photo of accidentally meeting BTS at the upcoming 2020 Grammy backstage review.


In a recent interview with Billboard, the reporter had the opportunity to ask the boy group more closely about this meeting, whether there will be any collaboration or why the two will have the opportunity to meet.

According to RM shared, the photo was taken at training sessions of the female singer. Her practice venue was next to BTS’s studio, so the two had a chance to meet.

Yeri (Red Velvet)

In fact, Yeri was already a huge fan of Ariana Grande, and the 7 rings singer also followed Yeri on Instagram.



The friendship of the two artists seems to have reached a stronger end when Rosé suddenly posted her thanks to Ariana Grande on Instagram for a special gift. It is a perfume bottle of “Thank U, Next” star Cloud for the main vocalist of Blackpink. This proves Ariana Grande seems to quite like her!



Of course, Ariana Grande also knows all Blackpink. Before that, the girl group has shown a lot of emotions in front of Ariana Grande’s series. They only really met at the Coachella 2019 event. The American pop star posted pictures showing her taking pictures with members Jennie, Rosé and Lisa. Jisoo regrettably was resting at that time, so she didn’t show up.