BLACKPINK released the two final teaser posters D-3 and D-2 for Rosé and Lisa, which captured their fans’ hearts by their perfect visuals.

Rosé in the poster gave off a fascinating look in front of the ice cream background, which expressed a variety of flavors with layers. Also, the red headband and yellow-toned mini-two-piece costume, which accentuated Ash Purple Gray color hair, drew attention by maximizing the singer’s romantic side.


With Lisa, she decorated the end of the members’ personal teaser posters, which were released sequentially four days before their release. She caught the eye with her cat-like hairstyle and eye makeup. LISA, who showed her shoulder with a strong outfit contrasted with red and black, showed off a unique pose with her charm that goes back and forth between cuteness and sexiness.

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The individual posters of BLACKPINK’s ‘Ice Cream‘ released sequentially, have raised fans’ expectations, hinting at a refreshing and cheerful concept. Stay tuned and wait for their comeback.