Mnet’s New Vocal Survival Show “Build Up” Unveils All 40 Contestants

Mnet’s New Vocal Survival Show “Build Up” Unveils All 40 Contestants

Mnet’s “Build Up” has unveiled all 40 contestants!

Hosted by actress Lee Da Hee, “Build Up” is a new survival program in which 40 contestants—many of whom are members of current boy groups—will compete for the chance to debut in a project vocal boy group. Lee Seok Hoon, Baekho, BTOB’s Eunkwang, MAMAMOO’s Solar, Red Velvet’s Wendy, and Kim Jae Hwan will be participating on the show as judges.

On January 21, Mnet unveiled all 40 contestants, who were revealed through different voice categories with 11 unique voices, 10 soul voices, seven power voices, and 12 all round voices.

Check out the contestants below!

Unique Voice

Musical actor Kim Seo Hyung


UP10TION’s Lee Hwan Hee

Singer-songwriter Taewoo

Lee Kwang Suk

AB6IX’s Jeon Woong

UP10TION’s Sunyoul

Musical actor Hong Sung Won

Kang Ha Yoon

Solo artist Neon

Trainee Kwon Eui Bin

Soul Voice

ONE PACT’s Jay Chang

NewKidd’s Lee Min Wook

WEi’s Kang Seok Hwa

Ma Jae Kyung

Singer-songwriter Jung Soo Min

A.C.E’s Lee Dong Hun

JUST B’s Bain

Musical actor Kim Sung Jung

Trainee Park Joo Hee

Singer-songwriter Lim Sang Hyun

Power Voice

Kim Min Seo

Solo artist Park Jae Up (Jaeup)

Musical actor Choi Ha Ram

Singer-songwriter Lim Joon Hyeok

FAVE1’s Hyukjin

Musical actor Jo Hwan Ji

Yoon In Hwan

All Round Voice

CIX’s Seunghoon

M.O.N.T’s Bitsaeon

VANNER’s Taehwan

Solo artist Hong Seong Joon

Jang In Tae

Trainee Jang Yoon Seo


JUST B’s Lee Geon Woo (Geonu)

Solo artist Choi Su Hwan

KNK’s Jeong Inseong

Solo artist Hwang In Hyuk

Trainee Ji Yeon Woo

“Build Up” will premiere on January 26 at 10:10 p.m. KST.

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