Year-end 'Boom' - EXO Kai Solo Debut, A Whole New World Of Music And Performance

Year-end 'Boom' - EXO Kai Solo Debut, A Whole New World Of Music And Performance
Source: kai-solo-debut

'World Class Performer' EXO KAI finally debuts as a solo singer.

EXO Kai 's first solo album,'KAI (开)', will be released on the 30th, and contains a total of 6 songs with a colorful atmosphere.

Kai is gaining worldwide popularity with his excellent performance skills and stylish visuals through EXO activities. As a solo artist, attention is drawn to the new music and stage to be presented.

In addition, Kai is not only active in music, but also in a wide range of fields, such as drama and entertainment, showing off his versatile charm, and is attracting attention in the global fashion world for its excellent fashion sense and high topic. Accordingly, the various appearances that will be shown through solo activities in the future are more expected.

'KAI (开)' will start pre-sale at various online and offline record stores starting today (11th).

The solo debut's information was released over 4 months ago, and at the end of November, KAI will bring us a whole new image about his music, his style, and even the performances. After the information is confirmed and updated directly on EXO's official account, Kai also can not hide his happiness and updated his first poster on his personal Instagram account.

Also, #KAI_1stSOLO is trending #1 worldwide. The power Kai hold it's insane.

Stay tuned and wait for the careful preparation of his solo debut.