Which Female Idol Has The Most Beautiful Back Shadow In K-Pop?

Which Female Idol Has The Most Beautiful Back Shadow In K-Pop?

This girl is known as the female idol with the most beautiful back shadow in Kpop, just looking from the back is enough to “cause love”.

Having been judged by netizens to have a faint beauty when compared to the BLACKPINK sisters, Rosé has increasingly made people admire with her journey to make a distinct beauty. In particular, 0% excess fat body plus famous long legs help Rosé always reach the top of the “holy body” title among Kpop female idols.

Recently, the name Rosé made a fever again when fans synthesized her famous beautiful back ball moments. Thanks to possessing a very beautiful body proportion and admirable features such as a slim shoulder, a tiny ant waist, an ideal height with sexy feminine curves, the back shadow of the main vocal BLACKPINK is the belief dream of every girl. Maybe that, while admiring renowned body combined with skillful flying hair and beautiful visual ecstasies of Rosé, fans surely everyone in unison “fell brazen”.

Knowing that Rosé is beautiful, she increasingly proves her beautiful beauty, the style of the lady combined with the body known as a “god” with long legs and ant waist, especially can confirm. determined she has the most beautiful back shadow in Kpop.

The beautiful back ball is famous for its small skeleton and slim shoulders. Tying hair only makes people flutter! And when wearing off-shoulder outfits, the perfect lines of the shoulders and slim waist are even more visible.

Can’t see her face, but still beautiful!

The moment when the goddess returned with her shiny blonde hair, the fans at once “shamelessly”

The unedited photo further proves the top-notch body of the main vocalist BLACKPINK:

Rosé indeed deserves the title of the female idol with the most beautiful back shadow in Kpop.


Most Iconic Moments of The Flipping Hair Goddess - BLACKPINK Rosé

... Or maybe she was blessed by the hair-star!

Most Iconic Moments of The ????-???????? ??????? - BLACKPINK Rosé

Rosé controlled her hair so well that many stages became legendary just by her elegant moments while shaking her head.

Rosé is not the main dancer of BLACKPINK, but her dancing skills are always appreciated, so the female idol also possesses a very precise yet graceful dance style. Her dance moves are eye-catching thanks to the ultimate "flipping hair" technique.

The way the "Australian rose" shook her head, flicked her thick shiny hair during the performance created a strong visual effect, so Rosé also controlled her hair so well that they seemed to be dancing with her. Here are the legendary hair flipping stages of Rosé, you can see why people only think of the main vocal BLACKPINK when mentioning "dancing hair"!

Since her trainee days...

At the 2017 Seoul Music Awards, BLACKPINK was a rookie, but they performed just as well as longtime singers. Since then, Rosé has shown that she has excellent hair control, knows how to combine hair with her figures to make her dance moves more eye-catching.

Most Iconic Moments of The ????-???????? ??????? - BLACKPINK Rosé

When performing 2 songs BOOMBAYAH and Whistle, no matter how hard is the choreography, her hair is still soft and straight, not messy at all. The way Rosé turned and whipped was so gentle that they were nothing more than a touch of wind.

to the red-haired fairy at Lotte Family...

Rosé reached the peak of beauty with blonde hair, but she is equally beautiful when dyeing her hair red. One of her most memorable stages is the Lotte Family Concert, which took place in June 2018.

Most Iconic Moments of The ????-???????? ??????? - BLACKPINK Rosé

The bright hair color and the red shirt emphasize Rosé's bright skin, thereby the moment the female idol makes a series of movements, shaking her head while performing the song Forever Young creates a strong visual effect. Her choreography is so smooth that she looks like a red-haired mermaid from BLACKPINK!

passionately head-bang...

Performing DDU-DU DDU-DU remix version in the end of the IN YOUR AREA concert in 2019, BLACKPINK freely "danced" and skipped the original choreography. This is a song with a strong melody, so Rosé has the opportunity to show off her hair control ability.

Most Iconic Moments of The ????-???????? ??????? - BLACKPINK Rosé

Through the fancam, netizens couldn't help admiring the moment when the female idol excitedly turned her head around, but her hair was still extremely straight and stunning. Already, the way Rosé flicks her hair was so beautiful that it looked like a real dance.

Then her hair is becoming a masterpiece...

Rosé once again has a chance to flounce her hair when BLACKPINK performs the song Whistle at the concert in Manila (Philippines) in early 2019.

Most Iconic Moments of The ????-???????? ??????? - BLACKPINK Rosé

While Jennie rapped, Rosé just gently curled her smoothly, but her blonde hair was shiny. That is how well the female idol controls her hair, thanks to this elegant movement, Rosé's choreography is more feminine.

Whip it, Rosé!

It is not clear if the choreographer of the song "Kill This Love'' knows that when Rosé performs, her hair also dances, but they lovingly put the -flipping movement into the female idol's song.

Most Iconic Moments of The ????-???????? ??????? - BLACKPINK Rosé

The way Rosé lifted her shiny blond hair behind her back with a sharp expression emphasized her luxurious charisma, thereby making her performance even more impressive.

Gone with the wind

Rosé continuously saves a life-long performance during her blonde hair time, and the stage at the Wired Music Festival (July 2019) was one of the performances that made fans never stop missing.

Most Iconic Moments of The ????-???????? ??????? - BLACKPINK Rosé

BLACKPINK performed the song at this festival. Rosé's golden hair fluttered in the windy sky, creating a charming attractiveness. Since the female idol controls the head and neck well, no matter how fast and hard she shakes her hair, the curls of "Australian rose" still look as soft as clouds.

Stunning silver hair

After more than 1 year of loyalty to blonde hair, Rosé transformed with a luxurious platinum hair color when she made a comeback with the song "How You Like That" in June.

Most Iconic Moments of The ????-???????? ??????? - BLACKPINK Rosé

The cold tone makes the female idol stands out and full of girl crush aura, and even though her hair is thinned, Rosé's hair still has its own power.

But the ultimate legend is Coachella

Thanks to her top-performing skills, Rosé wherever she appears, the stage becomes memorable. But her appearance at the Coachella music festival of the US in April 2019 is still considered a legend.

Most Iconic Moments of The ????-???????? ??????? - BLACKPINK Rosé

Many people also believe that this is the legendary moment that makes the name of the main vocalist BLACKPINK.