Top 5 Female Idols That Are Most Popular With Korean Men

Top 5 Female Idols That Are Most Popular With Korean Men

Not only the appearance, but these names below also own their own charisma and attractiveness.

When it comes to visual charts, BLACKPINK, Red Velvet or TWICE... are some familiar names to pop up. However, the vibes they portray come over the appearance that can melt anyone's heart. Their visuals are not only beloved but literally becomes a trend that men love, and women want to look like.

According to Theqoo, K-Netizens have listed 5 female idols that are most popular on some forums for men. Let's check now.

Irene (Red Velvet)

Speaking about visuals, no one can miss Irene - the outstanding visual of K-pop girl groups in the 3rd generation. Her royal beauty and angelic fair skin are what make her stand out wherever she is.


BLACKPINK is a perfect combination of 4 talented girls, who each owns their own charm. However, among Korean men, Jisoo's beauty is gaining the most attention. She's innocent, full of sunshine with the brightest smile. Who cannot fall for her?

Naeun (APRIL)

Naeun has the look of a youthful girl who always expresses positive energy and easily makes people fall for her.

Kim Minjoo (IZ*ONE)

Kim Minjoo is the definition of an angel with such a lovely image she brings up. Her physical figures are also what makes her stand our among her teammates: impressive height and long legs.

Sana (TWICE)

Nothing needed to say more. TWICE Sana's iconic "Cheese kimbap" has become a powerful meme that will make people's heart fluttered. She's so cute when doing aegyo but if you need a more mature image, Sana's hot figures could easily turn up the heat.

Apparently, these lists like this are easily caught in controversy because it based on subjective opinions. However, these 5 names prove that they are truly the models of girls that Korean men like most.

Here are some comments of them:

- Everybody around me loves Jisoo! She's really beautiful.

- Minjoo and Irene are crazy pretty!

- So Jisoo is more famous to men than Jennie...? I'm curious so i asked.

- Minjoo is really with men. She's innocent and pretty, even women love her a lot.

- No Sana No Life.

- Yeonwoo of Momoland is really famous with men. But seriously, these idols above are not only popular to men but also women...

- How about Nayeon, Tzuyu and Arin?

- My choice is Sana.

- I love Irene and Jisoo, really pretty.

- Sana is indeed legendary.

- All of them are flawless, but my pick is Sana and Minjoo.

- Naeun is the most suitable name if talking about "recent trend".

- Yeah they are talked about a lot on those forums for men, but Sana is just superior.