11 Idols Who Look Like Twins With Their Parents

11 Idols Who Look Like Twins With Their Parents

"Like father, like son" - which is a familiar phrase tells about the similarities between children and their parents. These 11 idols on this list are seen to look practically identical with their mom and dad.

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1. TWICE Tzuyu

Fans of the TWICE Tzuyu found out that her mom and she quite have the same outlook in old photos.


Not only a gorgeous woman, her mother also holds a managerial position in numerous plastic surgery hospitals. Besides, Tzuyu's mother has opened two cafe's in Taiwan, which fans can visit. Just like her daughter, Mrs. Chou likes to keep busy!

2. BTS's V

BTS V shared a photo of his father to Twitter on June 29, 2019 and fans pointed out that he looks so much like his father. With the same eyes, eyebrows and face shape, the two look just like a twin together.


3. TWICE Nayeon

When Nayeon's mom made her appearance at the KBS end of the year awards to sing with her daughter, fans were amazed at how similar they look. In more photos of her mother when she was younger, Nayeon is said to take after her mother's eyes and nose.


4. Kim Sohye (former I.O.I member)

In baby photos of Sohye which were once revealed in the first episode of "Stand By I.O.I", she was said to look so much like her father. From their adorable eyes and nose, Sohye has surely taken after her dad.


5. Wonder Girls' Yubin

Calm down! Yubin, of course, is not married yet, this is just her mom and dad. Look how similar they are! Fans say that Yubin probably takes after her mother's beauty and the vibe, including that cold but attractive eyesight.


6. APINK Eunji

Eunji shared a photo of her and her mother on Instagram with the caption: "With my mother who looks more like me than myself". Fans couldn't believe their eyes, and said that if Eunji claimed it was her, they would have believed it!


7. Lim Youngmin (former AB6IX)

While Lim Youngmin was sharing about his parents during his appearance on "Produce 101 Season 2", a photo of Youngmin with his family appeared. Fans were shocked to find that not only does Youngmin look like a copy of his dad, but his brothers also do too!


8. Soyou (Former Sister member)

In Christmas Eve in 2015, Soyou posted a photo of her on Instagram which was seen her enjoying a day out with her mother and sister. This photo must have made fans questioned for so long because of the thought that there were three Soyou in the picture.



I.M is sure to take after the eye-shape, nose and even the lips from his father. His father is a scientist, which could be the reason for explaining his intelligence. It's been said that I.M's father has worked in both America and Israel.


10. NUEST's Minhyun

Minhyun and his sister's baby photos show that they got their iconic cat-like eyes from their father! Fans note that Minhyun's sweet and smile also a feature that he got from his father. And the cool vibe of the big city boys definitely is running in the family's blood.


11. TWICE's Sana

Back in 2019, there was a photo of Sana and her father went viral because of how similar they look identical to each other. Many could not believe how much Sana took after her mother, including her high cheekbones, the high nose ridge, and thin jawline. Her iconic eye smile was also inherited from her mom!