5+ Times “It Girl” BLACKPINK Rosé’s Fashion Choices Sold Out In 2021 Alone

5+ Times “It Girl” BLACKPINK Rosé’s Fashion Choices Sold Out In 2021 Alone

All this in less than 2 months!

If you ever have any doubts that BLACKPINK‘s Rosé is a true “It Girl”, you only need to look at how she accidentally sells out almost everything she touches. Just take a look at these 5+ fashion picks that have sold out in 2021 alone.

1. R13 Elvis shirt

Rosé wore this Elvis Presley print t-shirt from R13 on Instagram on February 11. Charming Rosé, one of the star’s Chinese fanbases, gifted it to her as part of her 2021 birthday project. The $233 USD t-shirt was sold out by February 12.

2. Saint Laurent jacket

This Saint Laurent oversize structured feather jacket was one of Rosé’s standout fashion pieces at THE SHOW online concert on January 31. The jacket, which was worth $15,000 USD, sold out by February 4.

3. Current Mood shoes

Rosé also wore these polar obsidian combat boots from Current Mood at THE SHOW on January 31, along with a glitzy silver dress from The Blonds. The shoes, which had been discounted from their original retail price of $115 USD, sold out by February 3.

4. Luv is True outfit

On January 19, Rosé showed up on Instagram in an adorable monochrome outfit. The ₩44,100 KRW (about $40.00 USD) rose vest from Luv is True sold out by January 20, while the matching ₩42,700 KRW (about $38.70 USD) rose skirt was sold out by January 22. Even the $33 USD NAIN mini ruffle knit shirt she wore with it was sold out within a week.

5. Rick Owens jacket

Like most idols, Rosé updated her Instagram feed with snow pics as soon as the weather in South Korea chilled down. She was seen wearing this $1,500 USD Rick Owens FW20 down jacket on January 6, and it sold out the very next day. The Saint Laurent classic sac de jour bag she wore with it, worth $2,250 USD, was also sold out.

6. [BONUS] Hank’s collar

Rosé is so popular, even her new pooch Hank is an “It Dog”. The $345 Louis Vuitton Baxter collar he was seen wearing on her Instagram story was sold out on January 31.


#AllOurLoveROSÉDay: Here are Some Little-Known Facts about BLACKPINK Rosé

(Thursday, Feb. 11, 2021), was BLACKPINK member Rosé's 24th (25th in South Korea) birthday! To celebrate the idol's birthday, we have compiled some facts you may or may not have known about the New Zealand-Korean singer. Happy birthday, Rosé!

1. Rosé's Ideal Type

In the past, Rosé revealed that her ideal type is someone who is nice and genuine, as also has a good voice. Additionally, she also confessed that she prefers cute guys over sexy guys. The closest person to her ideal type, according to Rosé herself, is South Korean actor Gong Yoo.

In her bucket list in 2014, Rosé revealed that she wants her first love to be fun, saying, "I want to remember it as my youth." We hope you find the love you deserve, Rosé!

2. Her Role Models

Rosé's musical role model is South Korean singer Gummy. In the past Gummy has praised Rosé's vocal color, saying, "Rosé's voice is so unique. It is the type of voice young people would love."

Another one f Rosé's musical role model is fellow YG Entertainment labelmate, Taeyang from BIGBANG.

She also considers South Korean soloist IU as one of her role models. To Rosé's possible delight, IU has stated in an interview back in 2017 that one of the singers she wants to collaborate with is BLACKPINK's Rosé!

Outside of K-pop stars, Rosé has also named American singer Tori Kelly as one of her musical inspirations.

3. Rosé is a Softie

Despite her badass stage presence and unique charisma when she performs, Rosé is actually a total softie! During an episode of "BLACKPINK House," Rosé was seen video calling her mom. During the call, Rosé's mom revealed that her pet fish back in Australia passed away. This caused Rosé to shed tears, wondering how the fish had passed away as it did not look sick. Member Jisoo has also stated that whenever Rosé eats a good meal, she ends up shedding tears! Protect this baby at all costs!

4, Star-Studded BFFs

Other than the members of BLACKPINK, Rosé boasts popular and famous besties in the K-pop industry. It is a known fact that she is best friends with Ladies' Code member Ashley and Girl's Day member Hyeri. She is also besties with Red Velvet's Yeri, Joy, and Seulgi, as well as TWICE member Chaeyoung and Tzuyu.

She is also friends with other international talents, such as Halsey, Dua Lipa, Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, Jayden Smith, and more!

5. Her Favorite and Least Favorite Foods

Rosé's absolute favorite foods are mangoes and kimchi stew. Her favorite cuisines are Thai, Western, and Vietnamese food, and she has stated in the past that she prefers these three cuisines over Korean food. Rosé is also fond of tea.

While she isn't that picky of an eater, she revealed that she hates jokbal, or pig trotters. She also does not like avocados due to their texture, which she described as mushy and weird. She is also not fond of ice chocolate drinks.


6 Reasons Why BLACKPINK’s Rosé Is Basically The Perfect K-Pop Idol

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé has it all! She’s proven many times that she has what it takes to be one of the greatest K-Pop idols ever. From singing to acting, she knows what she’s doing. Check out some reasons why she’s basically the perfect K-Pop idol below!

1. She’s a great main vocalist

First up, Rosé is best known for being the main vocalist of BLACKPINK. She has a unique vocal color that makes her stand out from the crowd.

She’s always consistent no matter how tiring the accompanying dance is or how long she’s been singing.

2. She’s a lead dancer

It isn’t common to find an idol who’s almost as good at dancing as they are in singing. BLACKPINK’s Rosé, however, is one of those people.

She’s second to just Lisa, and her straight dance lines and powerful moves are proof why.

3. She’s a praise-worthy actress

Next up, Rosé is also capable of acting! As soon as fans watched the music video of “Lovesick Girls”, they wanted her to be cast in a drama.

She’s best at acting sorrowful and listless in a completely natural way.

4. She’s a top model

We can’t talk about Rosé without mentioning her visuals! Her looks have made her go viral numerous times, from having a tiny waist to being an all-natural beauty.

Luxury fashion brands have noticed her prowess in fashion, with Saint Laurent choosing her as their global ambassador.

Fun fact: even her dog, Hank, received numerous freebies from the luxury brand!

5. She’s broken many records

As a member of BLACKPINK, she’s broken records with every single release. From being one of the only girl groups to top MelOn‘s daily chart to having some of the most YouTube views in the world, she’s done it all.

“How You Like That” reached the top of the digital music chart MelOn | MelOn

Even her solo activities do incredibly well! Her debut teaser received over 13 million views within 24 hours and over 36 million views at present.

6. She’s in love with music

Last but certainly not the least, Rosé is the perfect idol because she loves her job.

Music is her life, and it’s been her passion since she was a child. It’s the best thing she turns to when she’s having a hard time.

I have a lot of thoughts running through my head, and singing is kind of like stress relief. And everything just kinds of makes sense when I’m doing this.

— Rosé

With BLACKPINK, she’s unstoppable!


BLACKPINK’s Rosé Hints At Plans To Launch Her Own YouTube Channel

On February 11, Rosé rang in her 24th birthday (by international reckoning), and she celebrated the occasion by holding a special Naver V Live broadcast to communicate with her fans.

During the broadcast, Rosé hinted at some exciting news: as she gears up for her highly-anticipated solo debut, it seems that she may also be preparing to launch her own YouTube channel in the near future.

When one of her fans asked her if she had any plans to start a YouTube channel, Rosé replied, “I have a feeling that after my solo release, I’ll probably create one then. So I think you guys can safely look forward to it a lot.”

Looking into the camera, she playfully added, “That was a really refreshingly straightforward spoiler just now, right? How was it, everyone? It was a refreshingly clear spoiler, wasn’t it? It was pretty good, right?”

After premiering one of the tracks from her upcoming solo debut album at BLACKPINK’s recent online concert “THE SHOW,” Rosé is currently preparing to make her solo debut in the near future. Earlier this week, YG Entertainment declined to confirm the exact date of her impending debut, stating that they planned to make an announcement sometime soon.

Are you excited to potentially see Rosé join her bandmates Lisa and Jennie on YouTube?