Sehun & Chanyeol (EXO-SC) Admit They Don't Like Each Other, And This Is The Reason!

Sehun & Chanyeol (EXO-SC) Admit They Don't Like Each Other, And This Is The Reason!

This close duo makes fans "fall back" when revealing interesting pre-debut stories and claiming to dislike each other!

EXO-SC has had a successful comeback with their debut album 1 Billion Views. Fans were excited by the two's near-perfect chemistry in this appearance, but few know that the duo's close relationship has had negative memories of each other.


Appeared on SBS Power FM radio show to promote 1 Billion Views. While chatting about their comeback this time, Sehun and Chanyeol started reminiscing about their trainee days together. The two revealed their first impressions of each other and bluntly admitted they didn't "like" each other.

It started when Chanyeol said that he took care of and raised Sehun since he was a middle school student. At that time Sehun was so cute as a baby! However, when the youngest brother started high school, things turned different.


"After Sehun entered high school, he became scary. One time when I was holding Sehun's feet while practicing dancing, he got angry and pushed me away. Since then, I became scared of you. That's a lot! "- Chanyeol said!


Sehun later revealed that he didn't have a good first impression of Chanyeol either. In fact, Sehun said that all the trainees at that time did not like Chanyeol because of his pride and pride.


"When I first met Chanyeol, I felt he was too self-centered and many other trainees thought the same way. He didn't leave a good impression on us" -Sehun retorted to Chanyeol.


In the end, Chanyeol had to agree that when he was young, he was very confident and haunted himself. But now he thinks that he has slowed down his confidence when starting to meet other talented trainees of SM Entertainment.


Sehun and Chanyeol are called by fans as a couple "love each other, bite each other pain", when wherever they are, they can "bluff", tease each other. Their adorable trainee story shows that even though there are dissimilar aspects, they still bring great reactions when combined. The unit group EXO-SC has had an impressive comeback with 1 Billion Views. Please support this lovely foul pair!