Put Two Pretty Flowers Of EXO Kai On Standard, Whose Visual Is Better?

Put Two Pretty Flowers Of EXO Kai On Standard, Whose Visual Is Better?

Everyone has a beautiful beauty that thousands of people love, but Jennie and Krystal will probably have someone better than the other.

After the dating news of Kai (EXO) and Jennie (BlackPink) were "uncovered" by Dispatch in 2019, the online community was stunned, who thought it was a pity for Jennie because her career was rising like wind and got into a scandal. Love, who immediately "called out" Krystal, the old love of a handsome male idol. Because of the beauty of the two old and new lovers that Kai said his love words were "extreme", fans could not help but put on the scale to see who Jennie or Krystal was the dominant one.



Having long been favored by the audience as "YG princess", Jennie, despite her young age and age, has the most overwhelming number of fans in the Kpop world.


With a naturally plump face, the beauty born in 1996 easily scored thanks to her innocent beauty. However, there are many opinions that Jennie's beauty is too normal, no matter how you look at it, you can not see the beauty.


Despite controversial opinions about the appearance, BlackPink's "rose" is still shining more and more, asserting his position more and making Kai (EXO) fall in love.


If her beauty is not favorable to the people when in terms of the body, Jennie makes it difficult for everyone to "discourage" because of her slim, slim body from top to bottom, with a beautiful thin waist. .


The perfect body...


Not to mention, the 9X female singer is also known as the "living saint" of Chanel because she always chooses the item of a famous fashion house to wear. As can be seen, Jennie's fashion style is also a big plus, helping the beauty to become an opponent that does not fit Krystal or anyone.


Jennie's "hot" is sometimes "overwhelming" the other 3 members of the BlackPink girl group.



Up to this point, Kai is probably the luckiest guy in Kpop second when dating two famous beauties, now Jennie and before that, the exquisitely beautiful Krystal.


The delicate nose, hidden eyes that are not envious of the female idol group f (x). It is no exaggeration to say that if you put it on the scale with Jennie, Krystal is a bit better from charm to charisma.


Krystal's waist without any extra fat is sometimes even more fragile than Jennie!


The beauty born in 1994 is also a face that is "welcomed" by many fashion magazines.


Compared to the style of dress with Jennie, "Ice Princess" is no less competitive when she always keeps her classy, classy fashion style, standing out from the crowd.


Regardless of the aspect, from beauty, street style to the physique, Kai's ex-girlfriend also stands out. She also has long, beautiful legs like a statue.

In general, both beauties are equally talented, fans may like one person, dislike the other, or find Jennie and Krystal both beautiful. But no matter what, still have to congratulate the EXO member for having had time to go back and forth with two pretty "roses", both famous and talented from Korea.