People Demand IZ*ONE Not to Attend the 2020 MAMA After Manipulating Issues

People Demand IZ*ONE Not to Attend the 2020 MAMA After Manipulating Issues

Following reports that IZ*ONE will continue to attend and perform at the 2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) as scheduled, Korean netizens demand the group be removed from the lineup.

This comes after the Seoul High Court revealed the twelve trainees who were unfairly eliminated from their respective "Produce" season.

Korean netizens are not demanding IZ*ONE be removed from the lineup, calling Mnet and CJ E&M shameless for continuing to push and promote IZ*ONE after it was revealed that they manipulated the group's final roster. People believe that this will also not do any good for the members. Additionally, many netizens are calling for IZ*ONE to disband, just as X1 did.

On Thursday, Nov. 19, Mnet announced that IZ*ONE will not be removed from the 2020 MAMA lineup and that they will continue to perform as planned. Previously, on Wednesday, Nov. 18, people had speculated the group would not perform after IZ*ONE's "2020 MAMA Performing ArtCompilation" video was removed from Mnet's official YouTube channel.

Read their comments here:

"CJ E&M is shameless."

"CJ E&M is really crazy. All they want to do is make money, right?"

"This is disgusting."

"I just don't think this is good for the current members."

"CJ E&M, Mnet, IZ*ONE, and all of IZ*ONE's fans and supporters are extremely disgusting."

"Honestly, IZ*ONE should be dismantled. Don't kill the victims a second time."

"But if you did not disband IZ*ONE, then why did you disband X1?"

"Where is their conscience?"

"As expected from them... CJ E&M is trash."

"So if they keep promoting, will they share the entire profit with the victims? How will CJ E&M compensate their victims?"

On Wednesday, Nov. 18, the Seoul High Court revealed the trainees who were unfairly eliminated by Ahn Joon Young's vote manipulation in the "Produce" series. The court revealed that the affected trainees will be compensated and that the trainees who benefited from the manipulation will not be revealed.

During "Produce 101 Season 1", two trainees were unfairly eliminated in the first round: Mystic Entertainment's Kim Suhyun and SS Entertainment's Seo Hyelin.

For "Produce 101 Season 2", The Vibe Label's Song Hyunwoo was eliminated during the first round. During the finale, Pledis Entertainment's Kang Dongho (also known as NU'EST member Baekho) was unfairly eliminated. This means that he could have debuted with Wanna One, the project group from that season.

For "Produce 48", Lee Gaeun, a former After School member who represented Pledis Entertainment during her time on the show, and CUBE Entertainment's Han Chowon were both unfairly eliminated during the finals. They were originally ranked 5th and 6th place respectively and were slated to make the IZ*ONE line-up if their ranks were not manipulated. During the show, they ranked 14th and 13th place, respectively.

Numerous trainees were unfairly eliminated in "Produce X 101". In the first round, ESteem's Timothée Anzardi was unfairly eliminated. In the third round, Music Work's Kim Kookheon and Lee Jinwoo's rank was manipulated, and he was eliminated. During the finals, Starship Entertainment's Koo Jungmo, TOP Media's Lee Jinhyuk (who is also a member of UP10TION), and C9 Entertainment's Keum Donghyun were unfairly eliminated. Before their ranks were manipulated, they were ranked 6th, 7th, and 8th, respectively. This means they were originally slated to debut with X1.

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Mnet Says They Are Negotiating For Compensation For Trainees Affected By

'Produce 101' Vote Rigging

Mnet said on November 18 that, "Mnet respects the court's judgment and humbly accepts the ruling. We apologize again for causing a big social stir."

Regarding the victims of vote-rigging, Kim Suhyun, Seo Hyelin, Sung Hyun Woo, Kang Dong Ho, Lee Gaeun, Han Chowon, Timothée Anzardi, Kim Kook Heon, Lee Jin Woo, Koo Jung Mo, Lee Jin Hyuk, and Geum Dong Hyun, Mnet said, "There is no way to feel sorry for the deeply hurt trainees and their families," and added, "Mnet has been discussing the compensations for the victims that we had identified on our own. Some of the compensations have been completed, and some of them are underway."

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The following is Mnet's statement on the revelation at the 'Produce 101' appeals court.

"There was an appeal for Mnet's 'Produce 101' case today.

Mnet respects the court's judgment and humbly accepts the outcome of the ruling. Once again, We apologize for causing such a big social stir.

In particular, during the trial, the list of trainees affected by the 'Produce 101' series manipulation was released. We feel sorry for the victims and their families who have been deeply hurt by us.

Since the incident, Mnet has been discussing compensations for the victims we had identified on our own. Some of the compensations have been completed, and some of them are in progress. We will do our best to ensure that all the victims who have been revealed through this trial fully receive the damage compensations.

Once again, we sincerely apologize to the trainees who were affected by us, to their families, and to all the viewers who whole-heartedly supported the 'Produce 101' Series."