Top 10 Female Idols Possess People With Their Outstanding Beauty

Top 10 Female Idols Possess People With Their Outstanding Beauty

These ten female idols are praised for their outstanding visuals, with a beauty that can possess people on sight.

1. aespa Karina


(Photo : aespa Twitter)

Karina is praised for her face the size of a quail egg, her harmonious facial features, and her tall and slim physique. Though she just debuted in November, the aespa member is already praised for her top-tier visuals that come straight out of a video game.

2. f(x) Krystal


(Photo : Krystal Instagram)

Krystal is known as one of K-pop's "Ice Queens" — though she may look cold and haughty, the idol-actress is actually warm and friendly! Additionally, she attracts attention for her extraordinary proportions and her slim physique.

3. Apink Son Naeun


(Photo : Naeun Instagram)

If we are talking about "ant waist," we cannot forget to mention Son Naeun! The Apink member is known for her stunning beauty and her figure that is to die for! In addition, the idol is known for exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy diet, which helps her natural glow.

4. Kim Minju


(Photo : Minju Instagram)

Minju gained popularity for her sweet and innocent visuals when she first appeared on "Produce 48," and the hype for her visuals has not died down since! Her doe-like eyes and slim physique enchant people due to how bright and clear they are.

5. CLC Yeeun


(Photo : Yeeun Instagram)

Yeeun is known for her small face. The idol has feline-like features that can make her look cute off-stage but fierce on-stage. Whether she has short hair or long hair, Yeeun is sure to attract attention no matter where she goes.

6. ITZY Yeji


(Photo : ITZY Instagram)

Yeji is another cat-like idol on the list. Known as "JYP's Hidden Treasure" before she made her debut with ITZY, Yeji has it all — the talent, the face, and the body!

7. Oh My Girl YooA


(Photo : YooA Instagram)

YooA is known for her amazing proportions. Though she stands at only 160cm, YooA's proportions make her look taller than she actually is. She is also known for her small face and plump lips. The idol is so cute that even her members tease her for it!

8. STAYC Yoon


(Photo : STAYC Instagram)

When Yoon was first introduced to the public, she made headlines for her stunning visuals. With her hair styled in bangs, people said she resembled a Japanese doll. Her visuals were affirmed when she made her first appearance; she might be a rookie, but she is definitely gorgeous!



(Photo : Jennie Instagram)

Jennie, also known as "YG's Princess," may not be the official visual of the group, but people cannot deny her beauty! Another idol with feline-like beauty, the idol is known for being cute and fluffy when she is off-camera but being charismatic and chic on-stage!

10. Dreamcatcher JiU


(Photo : Dreamcatcher Instagram)

The final idol on this list is Dreamcatcher member Jiu! She is the group's official visual, and it is not hard to see why. She has a mature, elegant vibe that makes her stand out, and she has the ability to pull any style or hair color of!

Did your favorite idol make the list?

Source: kpopstarz