10 K-Pop Groups With All-Time Fastest Music Show Win Record After Their Debut

10 K-Pop Groups With All-Time Fastest Music Show Win Record After Their Debut

Achieving the first win from music shows is never an easy task for K-pop idols. Aside from their efforts and determinat...

Achieving the first win from music shows is never an easy task for K-pop idols. Aside from their efforts and determination, the help of their fandom is always needed for digital and record sales. Some groups take even years to achieve their significant first win, while some K-pop bands disband without reaching that milestone. 

However, these K-pop groups are indeed fortunate to have huge fandom who recognized their skills and talents even before debuting, leading them to gain their first music win the fastest.

Here are the K-pop groups who got their first music show win the fastest in K-pop history.

1. X1 (5 Days)



X1 debuted on August 27 in 2019, and just five days after their debut, they achieved their first-ever win with their track "Flash" on September 1. They then became the fastest K-pop group with the shortest time to get a music show win through appearance in SBS MTV's "The Show."


2. WINNER (6 Days)


WINNER debuted in August 2014, and within six days, they got a win with their debut single, "Color Ring," On M! Countdown. The group also held the record for five years, before X1 took over. 


3. CIX (7 Days)


CIX debuted in 2019, releasing their song, "Movie Star," on July 23. The group performed and was nominated on July 30 in SBS MTV's "The Show," and ended up winning their first win!


4. TXT (8 Days)


The brother group of BTS - TXT only took eight days to prove their popularity and talent! Big Hit Entertainment introduced the group on March 3, 2019, kicking off with their track, "CROWN." On March 12, they ranked No.1 on SBS MTV's "The Show," their first-ever win after debut.


5-6. Wanna One and ITZY (9 Days)


In 2017, Wanna One, which was produced through the MNET's "Produce 101," indeed proved their incredible skills and praiseworthy fandom after winning their first music show award on August 16, nine days after debuting. 


Meanwhile, ITZY, which was launched by JYP Entertainment on February 12, 2019, had its first award on February 21, with its released track, "DALLA DALLA."



7. IZ*ONE (10 Days)

The third group produced from MNET's Produce series, IZ*ONE, which comprises Korean and Japanese members, recorded their first win ten days after their debut. 


8. iKON (12 Days)


After entering the music industry with a strong debut song, "My Type," iKON was able to achieve their first music show award 12 days after releasing a pre-single on MBC's Music Core, without promotion.


9-10. BLACKPINK and AB6IX (13 Days)


One of the most anticipated rookie female group of YG Entertainment after 2NE1, BLACKPINK was able to get their music show win in a span of 13 days, with their hit song, "Whistle."


AB6IX, which debuted on May 22, 2019, had their first music show win after 13 days as well, with their debut song, "Breathe."



These K-pop groups are able to achieve their first music show win the fastest among other K-pop groups, and them receiving their awards is one of the most precious moments not only to the idols but for their whole fandom as well!