EXO Chanyeol to be leaked dating rumor - Who is this time?

EXO Chanyeol to be leaked dating rumor - Who is this time?

You will be surprised by this person...

One netizen found solid evidence saying that Chanyeol was dating someone after the dating rumor between EXO Kai and BLACKPINK Jennie on 2019 January 1st.


According to a report from SBS News, the handsome singer Chanyeol belongs to the popular boy group EXO, suspected of having a close relationship with someone. A day earlier, netizens posted it on an online community showing some of the evidence that I definitely discovered about a Chanyeol Lovestagram.

Specifically, this person updated a post with some pictures from two different Instagram accounts. One account belonged to Chanyeol, the other belonged to another. The netizen said she compared the photos from the two accounts to realize they were photos taken at the same location and posted on similar dates.


It is known that this account belongs to EXO's management. Netizens showed many photos and in it, the manager took the same photoshoot at the same location. There are many photos taken in places like Hawaii, Barcelona and Budapest. In several of the manager's Instagram posts, Chanyeol will comment 'imitate', to tease and express his playful affection for him.



However, Chanyeol was not the only member posting photos taken at the same location as the manager. It is known that Sehun has also updated similar photos at the same location. Sehun posted a picture of himself at the aquarium with the caption: 'I made eye contact'. Then EXO's manager posted a similar photo with the caption 'I can't make eye contact'.


Accordingly, EXO's manager is really famous for posting photos like the EXO member's Instagram posts when he travels with them to various places.

EXO fans discovered this post and were thrilled that the netizen posted the post because he probably followed all of the group's Instagram posts. They left comments as follows:

"EXO fans all know this manager. He even has a nickname"

"I think this friend posted the post because a lot of people are trying to find real evidence that EXO members are dating. Lol"

"Chanyeol's manager had a lovestagram with him. So cute."

"So funny. Chanyeol is dating Baekhyun, isn't he?"

"I saw the title saying 'EXO lovestagram', so I hit the post but half of Chanyeol is his manager".

"It's funny how the manager copies the EXO members".