BLACKPINK Jennie and her 4 iconic glamorous styling recipes

BLACKPINK Jennie and her 4 iconic glamorous styling recipes

Known as the top fashion icon in K-Pop, every outfit that BLACKPINK Jennie wears is easy to become a trend. Therefore,...

Known as the top fashion icon in K-Pop, every outfit that BLACKPINK Jennie wears is easy to become a trend. Therefore, Jennie is considered as a fashion inspiration and model for many women to learn in style. In fact, the Chanel-person has many easy-to-use recipes that you can copy along.


But in which there are 4 great dress up techniques that she promotes most often. If you want to wear nice without wasting effort, you can just dress like Jennie and always be stylish effortless.

1. Crop-top and high-waist pants

If you notice, Jennie loves to combine crop top and high waist pants! This is understandable because she owns an extremely slim waist, so the new crop top shows all her body advantages. In addition, Jennie's height is only quite good, so donning a pair of high-legged pants will help her "pull legs" more effectively.



This set was worn by Jennie from everyday life to the airport, so the girls who kept imitating them would know what to wear.

2. Matching clothes

Recently, she has also promoted an elegant and eye-catching set of clothes. If you do not have to mix clothes with wide pants to help hack the height, the BLACKPINK main rapper will also wear a short skirt to create a feeling of extra-long legs. Dressing in sets has the advantage of being easy to wear, no need to mix high-hand clothes.



3. Off-shoulders

Possessing a 90-degree shoulder, netizens praised all the words, so Jennie often wore off-shoulder shirts, and it was no wonder. Whenever she rocks these designs, fans are only crazy.



In addition, wearing an off-shoulder shirt and overalls also helps Jennie look young and more attractive. If you also want to wear an item that is both cool and styled "flavored", just do not hesitate to try this recipe.

4. Shorts and miniskirts

Finally, shorts and mini skirts are two items that Jennie is also very "loving". Because they help her look a few feet taller than her glasses. In addition, shorts or short skirts are all "national" items that are easy to mix, though simple, but always turn the overall trendy, youthful.



In the days when you want to walk around showing off your personality, minimalism, you should definitely add these two items to your set.