Best 13 'Stars with the Most Expensive House Interior Items by TMI News

Best 13 'Stars with the Most Expensive House Interior Items by TMI News

These Korean stars - EXO Kai, BIGBANG leader G-Dragon, and more - are undoubtedly wealthy just by looking at the prices of their house interior items!

On June 16, Mnet's TMI News unveiled "Best 13 Star's House Interior Item." Among the 13 celebrities that entered the list, K-pop idols EXO Kai, BIGBANG G-Dragon, and more proved their affluent lives with their luxurious interior items!

G-Dragon, EXO Kai

(Photo : G-Dragon, EXO Kai (INSTAGRAM))

WINNER Mino, EXO Kai, & More: K-pop Idols with the Most Luxurious House Interior Items

The first idol that was mentioned in the list is WINNER Song Mino. Though the prices were not disclosed, the idol rapper boasts a house with a gallery-like interior featuring a European vintage bowl shop-like collection.

It is not a secret that Mino is a huge art enthusiast, but his art studio that was inspired by a garage interior still surprised viewers.

Inside, TMI News featured his paintings that were actually displayed at the London Saatchi Gallery for the first time by a Korean singer - gaining admiration.

Former Chakra Jung Ryeowon then ranked 12th place, for her 3 million won rotating door. The actress lives in the UN Village Mobila in Hannam-dong, in which the interior was all designed by herself.

Next is Henry at No. 11, with a 5.65 million won cloud sofa.

The sofa, located at the "Henry Shop," came from a French furniture brand that has gives you a fluffy feeling like you are floating on clouds. It costs 1.98 million won for two people and 3.67 million won for three to four people, totaling 5.65 million won.

10th place is Davichi Kang Minkyung's scarlet sofa for about 7 million won, preceded by SHINHWA Dongwan at No. 7. The member of the longest K-pop group in the music scene showed off an Irish table worth about 10 million won.

The "Evergreen" star Uhm Jung Hwa also entered the rankings at No. 6. The iconic artist owns a tulip-shaped chair that costs 2.2 million won, and a marble table that costs 7.6 million won. She has six sets, totaling 20.8 million won!

EXO Kai, being the youngest on the list, flaunted a 40 million won sofa and ranked No. 4!

After about 10 years of living in a dorm, K-pop's representative idol finally decided to live independently.

Kai was praised for his amazing organization, wherein his top and bottom clothing were stored separately in two dressing rooms.

Kai also owns a 2.8 million won study stable, and a speaker that costs 3 million won alone.

BIGBANG G-Dragon No. 3 in "Stars with the Most Expensive House Interior Items"

Last but not least, BIGBANG G-Dragon!

The icon's wealth can't be hidden with his 71 million won shelf! Ranking third, a mirror reminiscent of the entrance of G-Dragon's amusement park costs 12 million won, a chair costs 1.18 million won, and a snail-shaped table with only 20 pieces in the world costs 17 million won.

Of course, the highlight of his house interior items is his bedroom shelf, a designer product, and a vintage product with only a few in the world, that's why it costs 71 million won.