8 Times BLACKPINK’s Soul Sister Bonds Were Too Obvious

8 Times BLACKPINK’s Soul Sister Bonds Were Too Obvious

Which duo are you more like?

The members of BLACKPINK can be split up into two main groups based on their opposite personalities: Elegant and classy like Jennie and Rosé, or cute and crazy like Jisoo and Lisa! Check out the top 8 most obvious moments when the two duos showed their differences.

1. The youngest and oldest are in their own world.

If the difference between the duos wasn’t obvious enough, now it is!

2. Someone help Jennie and Rosé.

After all, they have to take care of these Energizer Bunnies!

3. Group A writes calmly…

…while group B peeps for some inspiration!

4. Jennie and Rosé take camera moments together to show their stunning visuals…

…while Lisa and Jisoo show their quirky talents!

5. This is how the calm girls make a heart…

…and this is how the goofballs make a heart!

6. Making a yogurt bowl with Jennie and Rosé is all about creating a work of art…

| @jennierubyjane/Instagram

…while Lisa and Jisoo opt for a simplified version with separate ingredients!

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

| @sooyaaa__/Instagram

7. Rosé and Jennie slay together…

…while Lisa and Jisoo play together!

8. There are two ways to go about decorating your albums.

Are you team cute and simple…





…or team unique and glamorous?





Do You Know How Much Do These 4 Outfits Of BLACKPINK Rosé Cost?

BLACKPINK Rosé is one of the most fashionable girls in K-Pop! She was even named a global ambassador of luxury fashion brand Saint Laurent. Though some of her best looks are when she’s elegant and serious, she’s equally stunning in sweet and simple ones. No matter what the occasion is, she outshines everyone.

Check out some of her best recent cute looks below!

1. In Her “Ice Cream” Teaser Photo

First up, Rosé made headlines when her “ICE CREAM” teaser photo was released thanks to her sass and confidence.

She used two articles of clothing from Why Not Us, her top being a “Mesh Shirt in Muscat Plaid” that retails for ₩75,000 KRW (about $67.20 USD).

For her bottom, stylists modified the “Mesh Shirred Top in Muscat Plaid” and it costs ₩75,000 KRW (about $67.20 USD).

2. In The “ICE CREAM” Music Video

Rosé’s sporty “ICE CREAM” outfit in the music video stood out for its cuteness. Her top was another altered clothing, this time from Orseund Iris New York. Her stylist chose the string sleeves in their $595 USD “Exclusive Sultry Glove Bodysuit Black” and attached them to a white bralette.

Her skirt, meanwhile, was an Adidas original that can be bought for $45 USD.

She looked gorgeous from head to toe!

3. Her bright green outfit

Bright clothes match her perfectly! This “ICE CREAM” Instagram photo outfit is the most affordable on the list. She wore Fluffy‘s “Sunflower Top” which costs £35 GBP or around $50 USD and its “Sunflower Skirt” that has a slightly higher price tag at £50 GBP or around $70 USD.

It was one of her most fun styles!

4. In A Ruffled Summer Dress

Finally, one of Rosé’s sweetest looks is the one she wore in an advertisement for KBank. Her Caroline Constas “Dahlia Off-the-shoulder Ruffled Silk Chiffon Mini Dress in Pink” was worth $595 USD.

Her outfit also came with a gold Tiffany & Co “Elsa Peretti Teardrop Pendant” that was more expensive than the dress at $1,700 USD!

When it comes to clothes, Rosé looks absolutely stunning in everything!


BLACKPINK Rosé Receives Huge Support By Lisa, Jisoo and Jennie On Her Solo

Earlier today, BLACKPINK Rosé announced the release date for her solo debut and shared two new teaser posters to up the anticipation!

Follow the news, the three other BLACKPINK members excitedly took to Instagram to show off their support and love for their bandmate and close friend!

Lisa shared one of the teaser posters with the caption “Omgggggg can’t wait”.

Jisoo shared both of them, tagging Rose and captioning one of them “Finally!!!”

The caption for the second one was “Rosé is coming.” Her excitement is palpable through these posts!

Jennie added fire emojis to her story which conveyed more than enough–her solo is definitely going to be fire.

Of course, she had to share both the teaser posters!

It seems as though the rest of BLACKPINK are just as excited as we are for Rosé’s solo debut! If you haven’t already, you can watch the teaser below.