'Itaewon Class' Lee Joo Young Strongly Responses To A Comment Telling Her To 'Wear Makeup', And Netizens Love It

'Itaewon Class' Lee Joo Young Strongly Responses To A Comment Telling Her To 'Wear Makeup', And Netizens Love It

Actress Lee Joo Young has been praised by many netizens for strongly handle a hateful comment.

Back on July 7, actress Lee Joo Young, best known for her role as Ma Hyun Yi in 'Itaewon Class', shared a bare-faced selca on Instagram.

She simply wrote, "First selca in a while," and shared how much her hair has grown lately.

However, one malicious netizen left a comment on the actress's post, writing, "Wear some makeup..."

In response to this, Lee Joo Young snapped back with, "Why? I don't usually wear makeup on a daily basis. If you like makeup that much, then wear it yourself.. If you don't like seeing my face, wouldn't it be better for you if you didn't come here?"

Netizens absolutely couldn't believe the rudeness of the malicious commenter and applauded Lee Joo Young for her straightforward response.

Here are some of netizens' comments:

"The worst of society.."

"Exactly, put it on yourself."

"Seriously, what are you gonna do about it if she doesn't put makeup on LOL."

"Everyone else clearly sees that Lee Joo Young doesn't need makeup to look good."

"Crazy b*****d."

"If I had that face, I would never ever put makeup on in my life."

"What kind of rude person..."

"Love how she told them off."

"She handled that comment so well."

theo в Twitter:

Lee Joo Young has become a darling of sorts of Korean indie cinema. The actress, who studies film and theatre at the Kyung Hee University, started her cinematic journey with a debut in the short “Behinds” in 2011. But it wasn’t until indie director Zhang Lu’s “A Quiet Dream” in 2016 and her work in K-dramas like “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo” that her profile rose in prominence. Interesting roles in other Korean indies like “Jane” and “Maggie” followed, in which her performances were met with positive responses.

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2020 has been good to her professionally. Beginning with her role of a transgender chef in the hit series “Itaewon Class“, which received a very favourable response, she also was the leading lady in the indie film “Baseball Girl” by Choi Yoon Tae, which released in the second half of 2020 and saw a high number of admissions, with her performance once again being applauded by critics, viewers and fans alike.