10 Most Watched K-Pop Dance Performance Videos In April

10 Most Watched K-Pop Dance Performance Videos In April

May has finally come and there is no better time to look back on April to see what K-Pop managed to achieve during the month.


Dance performance videos have become an inseparable part of K-Pop nowadays. Fans love to watch their idols' dancing in those videos, where the moves are often as perfect as possible. Here are the top 10 K-Pop dance performance and practice videos with the most views on YouTube this April.

10. 'Shake' - Xiumin

Xiumin released a solo dance practice video for the 2018 song 'Shake' from EXO-CBX‘s first Japanese studio album, 'Magic', and it nicely served fans as a pleasant surprise last month. The video was posted on April 24, and currently has 534.1k views, along with 154.4k likes.

9. 'Inside Out' - NU’EST

This April, NU’EST made their grand comeback with the 2nd full-length album, 'Romanticize', with the title track 'Inside Out'. On April 21, they released a dance performance video for 'Inside Out' on Studio Choom‘s channel, and it has now garnered 581.1k views as well as 43.8k likes.

8. 'We Ride' - Brave Girls

After Brave Girls' sudden rise to the top thanks to their song 'Rollin'' ruling the charts, the girl group continued to release a '2021 version' dance practice video of their 2020 song, 'We Ride'. The video came out on April 18 and currently has 656.1k views.

7. 'Unnatural' - Cosmic Girls

'Unnatural' is the title track from Cosmic Girls’ 9th mini-album with the same name, which was released on March 31 this year. They released a mature and elegant 'suit version' dance performance video on April 1, which at the moment has 791.7k views and 28.0k likes.

6. 'LibidO' - OnlyOneOf

OnlyOneOf has been drawing attention lately due to their risque and sensual dance moves for the title track 'LibidO' of their 2rd mini-album 'Instinct Part. 1'. The 'guilty pleasure version' of the choreography, released on April 13, has gained 1.11 million views, together with 108.7k likes.


The rookie girl group recently made their first comeback with the 2nd single album, 'Staydom', of which the title track is 'ASAP'. The dance practice video for the track, which went official on April 10, is doing incredibly well with 1.36 million views and 87.7k likes.

4. 'Spider' - Hoshi

SEVENTEEN‘s performance unit leader, Hoshi, made a stunning solo debut in April with his single 'Spider'. Known for his incredible choreographing skills, the dance for the song was just as impressive and captivating as the song itself, and his performance video on Studio Choom, released on April 6, has earned him 1.87 million views and 239.5k likes.

3. 'Drunk-Dazed' - ENHYPEN

This "monster" rookie boy group released their 2nd mini-album, 'Border: Carnival', in April, with the title track 'Drunk-Dazed'. They went on Studio Choom to show off their skillful dancing. The performance video, came out on April 28, currently has 1.96 million views and 318.9k likes.

2. 'One' - ASTRO

ASTRO returned with their 2nd full-length studio album, 'All Yours', early in April, with the title track 'One'. Famous for their captivating dance abilities, the group made no surprise when their performance on Studio Choom for the song has achieved 2.38 million views as well as 182.1k likes.

1. 'Clover' - A.C.E

'Clover' is a b-side song from A.C.E’s 2020 album, 'HJZM: The Butterfly Phantasy'. On April 7 this year, they released a 'turntable' performance video of 'Clover' , and the unique performance (made by their stunning dance skills) has earned a total of 2.52 million views and 14.8k likes as of today, making it the most-viewed dance performance video of April.