NU'EST JR & Ren Conduct First-ever Pictorial Together With ELLE Korea

NU'EST JR & Ren Conduct First-ever Pictorial Together With ELLE Korea

This is the first time that JR and Ren - two members of boy group NU'EST - have conducted a fashion magazine pictorial together.

ELLE Korea released 3 photos of NU'EST JR and Ren on April 21, drawing attention from fans as this is the first time the two are seen together in a magazine photoshoot, which focused on capturing their maturity delicately.

In a short interview, which took place after the photoshoot, they were asked about the work process for their second full-length album, which was released on April 19.

JR, the group leader, expressed their confidence by saying, "We worked for this album harder than any other album. Each member has a solo song, but their musical tendencies and preferences are different. I think that's our strength as a team."

JR also said, "I think we respect each other more because we are different."

Talking about their ways of exchanging support with each other as there are many individual activities as well as team activities, Ren shared, "I'm just sending or monitoring messages of support. Everyone is doing well, so I hope they still take good care of their health."

JR added, "Since we've been watching each other so far, we can't help but trust the members. I feel comfortable even when monitoring because I know that I do well with responsibility," he said, expressing trust in each other. "Looking back, we seem to have relied on each other a lot during the toughest times. We ate together the most often," he said.

NU'EST JR & Ren's pictorials and interviews can be found in the May issue of ELLE Korea and on their website, as well as on YouTube.