7 K-Pop Groups That Unfortunately Disbanded in 2022

7 K-Pop Groups That Unfortunately Disbanded in 2022

2022 was a great year in k-pop, with hot new groups debuting, great new music released, and an epic year in the globalization of the music genre. However, as always, whenever there is good news, there is accompanying bad news as well.

We had to say our goodbyes to some of our favorite groups in 2022 as they faced disbandment. Disbandment of a group is always disappointing as each group carries its own charm, and it means that there are fewer opportunities for the group to promote again. That is why many groups don't like using the term "disbandment" as they signal that there is always hope for reunification, but for some groups -- that isn't always the case.

Today, we'll be taking a look at some of the groups that faced this unfortunate news this year -- make sure to let us know which group's news devastated you the most!

April (Disbanded January 28, 2022)

DSP's girl group April officially disbanded early this year after quite some time in hiatus mode after the bullying incident among the members. The group pretty much stopped promoting after 2020, but they officially decided to disband. April was one of the rising stars back in 2020, and they had a solid hit with "LALALILALA," so fans were pretty upset at the news.

NU'EST (Disbanded March 14, 2022)

After a long (and rocky) ten-year run, NU'EST officially announced its disbandment. Though they didn't officially use the word "disbandment," their contract with PLEDIS officially ended on this day. The group's future promotions are uncertain as of now, but it may be good signs as they didn't use the official term "disband."

HOT ISSUE (Disbanded April 22, 2022)

After only a year of promotions, the rookie group HOT ISSUE announced their official disbandment. The agency S2 Entertainment and the members of the group discussed this for a long time; however, the group decided to part ways and disbanded.

LUNARSOLAR (Disbanded May 22, 2022)

LUNARSOLAR announced its disbandment in May of 2022 when the members ended their contracts with their agency J Planet. They debuted in September 2020 and promoted together for nearly two years before disbandment.

CLC (Disbanded June 6, 2022)

CLC was also the bearer of unfortunate news as they officially announced their disbandment a little after their seven-year anniversary. They were unable to endure the seven-year jinx and have decided to go their separate ways.

BLINGBLING (Disbanded July 26, 2022)

Girl group BLING BLING has also announced disbandment. BLINGBLING was a highly anticipated girl group, debuting the same year as aespa, but they were unable to continue their promotions as their final fate was disbandment.

DIA (Disbanded September 17, 2022)

DIA was the most recent group to announce their disbandment. Debuting in 2015 as part of the same entertainment agency as T-ara, there were high expectations. Unfortunately, after seven years, the girls have decided to go their own ways. They released their final goodbye album in September and said goodbye to their fans.

Disbandment is news no fan wants to hear, and it truly is upsetting for the artists' fans whenever this news does come about. Though we can't see these groups anymore, we wish the best of luck to the individual members in their future endeavors and only wish them luck in their success.

Source: Allkpop