Record of Youth: Park Bo Gum can not save the rating

Record of Youth: Park Bo Gum can not save the rating

Although Record of Youth is of moderate quality, in a period of extremely fierce competition from dramas, the work easily became a failed bomb.

Record of Youth is Park Bo Gum's last work two years before the actor enlisted. Not only that, the film also marks an interesting collaboration between him and "Parasite star" Park So Dam. Therefore, before being broadcast, Record of Youth has received the attention from a large audience. Unfortunately, after the first 2 episodes, many fans were disappointed.

Old content, no different from the dupe of Itaewon Class

Record of Youth is about the ups and downs of the journey of fighting to achieve the dreams of Sa Hye Joon (Park Bo Gum) and Jung Ha (Park So Dam) and their friends. As can be seen, this is one of the motifs, though not new, but always enjoyed by Korean audiences in particular and Asia in general. Most recently, the Itaewon Class has a similar story formula. However, Record of Youth could not compare with the "seniors" before. Because the film has too old exploitation style, normal character, family situation, work, friends, life is also predictable. Watch the first 2 episodes but we can also know the direction of the characters in the remaining episodes.


Record of Youth's biggest mistake probably comes from writer Ha Myung Hee. Having been badly disparaged with the previous work Temperature of Love, the writer still makes the same mistake with Record of Youth for leading details in an outdated direction. In the midst of a period when Korean dramas had to compete with each other fiercely, this gap was difficult to accept. After episode 1 aired, netizens kept screaming, "Ha Myung Hee made the movie as if a family member was trying to be young!".

Park Bo Gum has made progress, but not yet smooth

Emerging from Reply 1988 (Reply 1988), Park Bo Gum is often remembered for his handsome, innocent, enchanting face. But his acting ability is quite fuzzy. Because, the actor has always attached himself to the image of an innocent, cheerful, innocent and a bit mischievous. The expressions used to serve the role are also not complicated.

Coming to Record of Youth, Park Bo Gum had more land. The character over the first 2 episodes showed many different levels of emotions, from sad, happy, angry, disappointed, … Although the actor's efforts can be seen in the segments, I can't praise this too much. Because, Park Bo Gum has not really been able to control his expressions, easily forced, and sometimes too stiff with no emotions. After all, if the "content" you want is Park Bo Gum's beauty, Record of Youth deserves 10 points, and if only going into his abilities, we still have to reconsider.


Besides, it is impossible to mention Park So Dam and Byun Woo Seok. Indeed, Record of Youth gives me an extremely young cast. Everyone is more beautiful than flowers, bringing a new, joyful feeling to each frame. However, because the script is still shallow so far, Byun Woo Seok or Park So Dam have not yet shown their full potential.

What is the way for Record of Youth to escape?

There are many factors in which a Korean movie becomes famous. The content is new, attractive, inclined to be gentle or sensational, famous actors, female lead characters are a bit "weird", beautiful scenes are a few requirements. And unfortunately, Record of Youth only satisfies the conditions for the popularity and beauty of the cast. However, the movie still has a long way to go. If you want to be successful, at least the writer should rebuild Park Bo Gum and Park So Dam's career-building paths, making it more unpredictable and interesting. That word can leave a highlight in the hearts of the audience.