5 New K-Dramas That Will Kick-Off In July 2021 For You To Feast On

5 New K-Dramas That Will Kick-Off In July 2021 For You To Feast On

The line-up features Jun Ji Hyun, Ji Sung, Seo Hyun Jin and more.

Need a little something new on your watchlist? Here are 5 highly anticipated Korean Dramas that will be released this month in July 2021. Fresh off the stove, they will be sure to quench your boredom.

1. “Engine On From Today”

Engine On From Today will star newcomer Im Hyun Joo of Heart Signal fame, as well as Kim Min Seok, a budding actor that has gained attention in dramas such as Hello, My Twenties. The drama is about a talented car engineer that has a strong passion for his job. Through an accident that occurs involving a car, the two meet and get entangled up in a love story while finding themselves.

It seems like a light-hearted romance, so be sure to check it out.

2. “Kingdom: Ashin of the North”

An extension of Kingdom Season 2, Kingdom: Ashin of the North sees Jun Ji Hyun prepare to go into battle. Although it is not a full drama series, the special episode will shed some light on the mysterious character of Ashin, played by Jun Ji Hyun, and how she came to be. It will also explain the origin story of the resurrection plant.

3. “Come to the Witch’s Restaurant”

We welcome Song Ji Hyo in a comeback role as she returns to the small screen. She stars as the titular witch, whose restaurant can grant wishes! She beckons to Jin, played by Nam Ji Hyun, to lend her restaurant as a front for this genie hoodoo that she conducts. Newcomer Chae Jong Hyup plays part-timer Kil Yong, and together, the three of them help heal the wounds of customers.

4. “You Are My Spring”

We’re excited for this one, but also because we love anything with Seo Hyun Jin in it. Seo Hyun Jin plays Da Jung, a hotelier that holds dear a small inn in Gangneung that she once visited when she was younger. She gets entwined with her psychiatrist neighbor due to a murder case. Joo Young Do, played by Kim Dong Wook, may help heal human hearts but he bears wounds of his own. Yoon Park plays Chae Joon, a CEO that has feelings for Da Jung. Rounding out the cast is Nam Gyu Ri, who plays actress Ahn Ga Young, who is afraid to love after being used by her manager.

5. “The Devil Judge”

Perhaps one of the most anticipated dramas of July, it stars Ji Sung as Kang Yo Han, a magnificent judge that punishes corrupt and greedy men. He harbors a secret of his own. Kim Min Jung plays Jung Sun A, Yo Han’s enemy for she thrives in political social circles as a smart and beautiful woman. GOT7‘s Jinyoung plays a rookie judge that becomes a judge after his parents died. Lastly, who else to better chase Yo Han’s secret than Soo Hyun, a detective played by Park Gyu Young?

All of these dramas air in the first week of July. Make sure you tune in to them!