BLACKPINK Rosé Showing Deep Regret After Buying $1000 Pants

BLACKPINK Rosé Showing Deep Regret After Buying $1000 Pants

Even BLACKPINK girls could buy things without intention and having regret from the bottom of their hearts! Like the sto...

Even BLACKPINK girls could buy things without intention and having regret from the bottom of their hearts! Like the story that Rosé has gone through after she bought a $1000 pants.


In BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky documentary recently published on Netflix, many unexpected moments of BLACKPINK have been revealed under the girls' perspectives.

All 4 girls share her own stories since her childhood to become a YG trainee and receive success like nowadays, with both happiness and obstacles they'd overcome.


Besides, the documentary also shows some scenes of the girls working int the studio with Teddy Park - the "big boss" standing behind every song of the girls.

An unforgettable moment also recorded in the video is when Jennie and Rosé were having a little chat in the recording room and Ro sé seems to like the pair of jeans that Jennie was wearing. This scene was actually deleted in the documentary.

The main vocal gave some flowery words for her unnie and admitted she had a pair of pants that looked similar. Then finally realizing that is also the item that she owns at home.

Jennie then went on saying thank you and revealing that she bought it online for just $15. This information shocked Rosé the most because she said she spent $1000 for those pants!


Even Teddy surprised and asked whether Rosé truly bought the pants for $1000, and Rosé confirmed that she and her unnie had bought the same pants. She even slapped her face when thinking about the price gap between two of them.

This moment turns out super funny with surprising reaction on Rosé's face for the price she had spent and the enjoyable look of Jennie. Jennie then went on advising her little sister to start shopping online, just like her.

Well, maybe Rosé should really listen to her big sister in the shopping aspects.


In an interview of BLACKPINK and Billboard, the girls sat down comfortably and had a lovely little chat about some interesting questions that show other sides of 4 members. After hearing the questions, they would put up a picture of the person that they think would be the answer.

There was a question that asked: "Who would spend the most money on a shopping spree?", it was like so obvious the answer are Lisa and Jennie. Wonder why? Because when Jennie couldn't choose between two items to buy, Lisa will be definitely the one to tell her "Get both". This fact makes Blinks realize how they love shopping. Anything is shopping-related? Just ask Jennie and Lisa.


This moment that Rosé regretted originally came from the exclusive deleted scenes of BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky which makes netizens point out that there are so many funny scenes of the girls but Caroline Suh, the director didn't put it in the video.

However, thanks to the act that we have an exclusive deleted scenes to watch now.