SuperM is the upcoming guest for the variety show ‘Knowing Brothers‘, and gets their fans to excited by engaging in a fierce dance battle.


In the preview released on August 22, SuperM is called the “Avengers” of K-pop by Kang Ho Dong. Although several of the boy-group members have been guests on the show before, this is their first appearance as a group. Kang Ho Dong also mentions that this is SuperM’s first time on a Korean TV entertainment program together.

In response to the “Avengers” comment, Kai says, “They say I’m the Hulk. Because when he transforms, he’s only wearing underwear.” This is a reference to Kai’s legendary “Knowing Bros” clip in which he and Baekhyun played the “headphones” game.


Lucas calls himself the “main visual” and says, “Nobody can touch me.” Lee Soo Geun says, “I’m Ant-Man, can’t you include me?” When Kai asks why he is Ant-Man, he stands up and says, “You can’t tell?” Baekhyun references his habit of taking showers with the members and says, “Showers together are a must.” Taeyong replies, “I’m not ready to see the inner side of the hyungs yet.” But Ten says, “I’ll just take it off if I have to. Freestyle.

Kang Ho Dong points out that the boy group went on the “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and Kim Young Chul, who is fluent in English, begins his own “Young Chul Show.” In response to his questions in English, however, all the members toss it back to Mark, who is fluent in English because he grew up in Canada.


SuperM then performs a variety of dances, from their new track “100” to Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry” to EXO’s “Call Me Baby” to Taemin’s “Move” to SHINee’s “Ring Ding Dong.” In response, the “Knowing Brothers” cast engages in a fierce and hilarious dance battle with them.

This episode of the program will air on August 29 at 9 p.m. KST. Check out the preview below!