Gong Yoo Responds To BLACKPINK Lisa's Choosing Him As Her Ideal Type

Gong Yoo Responds To BLACKPINK Lisa's Choosing Him As Her Ideal Type

BLACKPINK's fans are very excited for Lisa as her ideal type - Gong Yoo - has finally made parts of her dream come true.

On October 17, in the broadcast of 'Knowing Bros' featuring BLACKPINK as guest stars, Lisa said that she likes the drama 'Goblin' the most. Lee Soo Geun, a member of the cast, then asked if Lisa liked actor Gong Yoo very much. Upon hearing that, she immediately had a genuine fangirl expression, admitting with a cute voice, "I like Gong Yoo so much. My dream is to take a photo with him."

Lisa even asked Seo Jang Hoon to help her realize her dream of having a photo with her idol, as well as his autograph. The cast then once again asked Lisa why she likes Gong Yoo so much. And our BLACKPINK's maknae did not hesitate to reveal, "I like him very much. He is my ideal type. He's also very tall."

Below is the video of Lisa's sharing about Gong Yoo:

During an interview on November 6 by KBS with the cast of the movie 'Seo Bok', Gong Yoo was asked if he knew he had been chosen by many female stars as their ideal type. The actor humbly responded by pretending he did not understand what the interviewer asked. He even joked that when filming is finished, the interviewer should give him a list of those female stars.

However, Gong Yoo's co-star did not want this topic to be ignored, so they mentioned that Lisa (BLACKPINK) recently chose Gong Yoo as her ideal type. At that time, the actor was very shy and confused.

He later revealed that he had known this through the news, and sent her an autograph, "I learned about this through the news. I heard she wanted an autograph, so I signed and sent it to Lisa."

The interviewer was surprised when to hear that and asked if Gong Yoo went to meet the female idol to give her his autograph. Gong Yoo explained, "No, I couldn't give it to Lisa myself, but I asked others to send it to her."

Not only that, Gong Yoo also once again mentioned BLACKPINK and BTS with admiration. He praised, "Not only BLACKPINK but also BTS, both are doing great things globally for our country. So I sent Lisa a message of encouragement together with my autograph."

So, Lisa has only fulfilled a 'half' of her wish when she received an autograph by Gong Yoo, because shel still wants an opportunity to meet and take a photo with the 'Goblin' actor. However, many fans were very happy for the BLACKPINK member, as her 'ideal type' responded to her story. Most fans guessed that Lisa must have been extremely excited when she received the autograph and encouraging message from Gong Yoo.