Which K-Pop Girl Group Has The Fairest Line Distribution?

Which K-Pop Girl Group Has The Fairest Line Distribution?

Dividing lines in a song is another factor for K-pop group that netizens are fond of analyze because it showcases the g...

Dividing lines in a song is another factor for K-pop group that netizens are fond of analyze because it showcases the group's skills and the way the members are "treated". So, which K-Pop girl group has the fairest line distribution?

Whether they know who sings a little, who sings a lot depends on whether their voice matches the song or not, but fans can't help feeling sad when their idols have so little time to voice. Sometimes the division of the line also makes the management company suspect...unfair treatment of idols.

Recently, Korean netizens have "dissected" the singing part in the latest song of some famous Kpop girl groups, which are active. The results show that groups with fewer members tend to divide their singing lines more evenly, in which BLACKPINK and ITZY are surprised even though they are often caught up in the controversy of those who sing less and sing more.


When making a comeback with the song "Lovesick Girls'', BLACKPINK makes fans satisfied because the line distribution is much better than the previous times. Rosé sings the most with a ratio up to 32.2% but this makes sense since she is the main vocal. Jisoo sang the least, but her segment was not that different from Jennie and Lisa.

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Red Velvet

Psycho, although released in December 2019, is Red Velvet's latest song because the group has not been able to make a comeback after Wendy's injury.

Seulgi is the main dancer, but because of her good singing and the matching song with her voice, she leads the group (31.3%), surpassing the main vocalist Wendy (27.3%). As usual, the two rappers Irene and Yeri are still the ones with the least lines.



Seeing how GFRIEND divided the line in the song released last May called Apple, someone had to say that the members' singing parts are divided like...pizza pieces!

Eunha has a leading vocal position but her skills are as good as the main vocalist, so the female idol sings the most in the group. Main vocal Yuju ranked 2nd (17%), but her singing part was not significantly different from Eunha and the other 4 members.



The 4 MAMAMOO members all sing well, so everyone has a chance to show off their voices during the comeback. Looking at the HIP song chart (November 2019), we can see that the main vocal Solar sang the most (27.7%) and rapper Moonbyul ranked last (20.6%), but the difference between the members was not significantly.



IZ*ONE is a big group, but their comeback with the song Secret Story Of The Swan (6/2020) is considered to be a relatively fair line division.

Out of the 12 members, Yuri sings the most but this is reasonable because she is the main vocalist, the rest of the rest does not differ too much. Unfortunately, Yujin ranked second with 5.4% despite being the lead vocal of IZ * ONE.



ITZY is also often controversial about line division, but when the group made a comeback with the song Not Shy (7/2020), netizens thought that the members' singing part looked like ... the cake was divided equally into 5 pieces.

In this song, Yeji is the one who sings the most (23.8%). Despite being the main dancer, Yeji could totally do great in both singing and rapping. The rest of the members still have a shining part. The only regret in this chart is that the main vocal Lia has the second singing part from the bottom up, not being shown as much as expected.



Many people call (G)I-DLE the group "Soyeon and friends" because she is the leader, center and main rapper, but her singing is good so she sometimes overshadows her teammates. When (G)I-DLE returned with the song DUMDi DUMDi last August, Soyeon once again received the most share (27.4%), followed by vocalist Miyeon (25.7%).

Soyeon and Miyeon sang a lot meaning that the other members' segments would be cut and the most disadvantaged was Shuhua. The youngest (G)I-DLE ranks at the bottom with a vocal rate of only 6.3%, and this is not the first time she sings less.



TWICE just reappeared with the song I Can't Stop Me on October 26, but the group's line division was "dissected" immediately. It can be seen that Nayeon and Jihyo are two people who "carry the team" when singing more than the other 7 members.

Nayeon also has a singing part that is almost twice as long as Jihyo (32% compared to 19.5%), although the leader of TWICE is the main vocalist indeed.


Observing the line division of the above 8 female groups, Korean netizens praised BLACKPINK, MAMAMOO, GFRIEND and ITZY for letting the members not only have the opportunity to show off their voices but also show that these groups have good singing skills.

On the contrary, some people think that for TWICE, it is natural for Nayeon and Jihyo to "carry the team" because they sing the best in the group. However, netizens are tired of not knowing what JYP should do with TWICE because there are so many members… can't sing well enough!