TXT’s comeback is official! Following the report earlier, a source from Big Hit Entertainment confirmed to Newsen, “TXT is preparing for a comeback with goals for release in mid-May.

Boyband might be making their comeback soon! On April 23, SPOTV News reported that album is slated to release a new album in mid-May.


TXT made their previous comeback with “The Dream Chapter: MAGIC” and title track “Run Away” last October. The group recently took part in a project song called “Evergreen” with several other artists to share a message of hope in the fight against COVID-19.

Big Hit Entertainment confirmed to various media outlets, “TOMORROW x TOGETHER are currently preparing to release a new album with aims to make a comeback in mid-May.


TXT is the abbreviation for “Tomorrow X Together”. In Korean, the group name is “투모로우 바이 투게더 (RR: Tumoroubaitugedeo)“, which is read as “Tomorrow by Together” and transliterated into Hangul. They do not have separate Korean names for their names. According to the group’s official website, the meaning behind the name “. Tomorrow by Together is the year of individuals “coming together under a dream in hopes of building a fresh tomorrow“.