BTS’s agency Big Hit Entertainment has taken further legal action against malicious commenters.


Previously in December of last year, Big Hit Entertainment shared that they had filed new complaints on new malicious posts.

On March 30, the agency gave another update on the situation, and it reads as follows:

“This is Big Hit Entertainment.

Our agency is regularly taking legal action against malicious slander, the spread of false rumors, sexual harassment, and personal attacks regarding BTS. We would like to inform you of the progress we made in this regard.

As previously announced, we have submitted evidence collected through fan submissions and our own monitoring to the relevant investigative agency. We have secured the identities of a number of suspects, and some have been fined, while other suspects are under investigation. Although it is difficult to disclose the details of the investigation process at the request of the investigative agency, we wish to notify you that punishments are being given to those involved. There have been cases where suspects appointed attorneys to apologize and ask to come to a settlement, but we will neither make settlements nor give any leniency under any circumstances.

In addition, we have filed new complaints on new malicious posts newly obtained this year, and the investigative agency recently launched a formal investigation. We have filed additional complaints against those who continue to commit malicious acts despite our previous legal action.

We will continue to take regular legal action according to submissions from fans and our own monitoring. Starting this year, we plan to protect our artists more strictly by reducing the time of the legal response cycle through the internal procedures we have established. Please submit reports to Big Hit Entertainment’s legal account (

We will continue to protect the rights and interests of our artists.”