SuperM has just premiered the full MV for their powerful 2nd lead single, ‘Tiger Inside‘ with their perfect visuals, rap, and vocal lines.

Composed by Moonshine and Alexander Magnus Karlsson, “Tiger Inside” is a dance track with synth sounds reminiscent of a tiger’s growls as well as powerful distorted 808 bass samples. Written by Hwang Yoo Bin, the lyrics convey the message, “Let’s overcome the hardships that come at us with the beast inside all of us.”


The energetic, fast-paced dance track fuses synthesizer sounds with a dramatic 808 bass beat, before completing the overall mood with a distinct, Asian theme. “Tiger Inside” delivers a message of strength and courage during difficult times caused by the global COVID19 pandemic, telling listeners to unlock the wild beasts inside them against negative circumstances.

SuperM is building up expectations for its first full-length album to be released this month with ‘100‘ and ‘Tiger Inside‘. Expectations are high on what will happen next for SuperM, which predicted a global air strike with upgraded intense music and performances.